Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Love Letter from Undertovv

Written to a member of the Amarr militia. (Edited to keep it pg-13.)

"I know your probably not going to convo me about this, but I know that all of you all hate me and want to ruin my eve account. I also know that youve been hiding up in caldari space lately. You dont want me following you and flying with you. I know this.

 Everyone has made you not like me because Im just a f%&$@ killmail whore to you and a bunch of others. The point of me typing this to you is that you are at this point trying to avoid me but youre afraid to tell people the truth. Youre under the pressure of everyone else to HATE ME or everyone else in the militia will give you a hard time in eve.

I bet that guy catherine Laartii was one of the ones who made you dislike me. I wouldve told them all to f&$% off but you just cant do that. They are trying to ruin my eve account by making everyone hate me and thats why theyve made so many articles about me over the internet. Its not going to happen though because not everyone is going to join the bandwagon.

Only p&%$@ will round up a bunch of people to hate 1 person because they are too p&$%& to do anything by themselves. But you know what? Anybody who spends alot of time making articles about me is the one thats ROYALLY pissed! I guess I have the last laugh!"

Also, a soundboard of Tovvy quotes created by members of the Amarr militia.



  1. Tears gobble them up!!!!

  2. I truly have nothing but pity for the guy anymore.

    Poor lad.


  3. People who post EVERYTHING i say are the ones who are pissed off at me and it shows. Why would anyone go through the effort to do this? Its because you dont like me and want to get back at me somehow. Let everyone see the truth about the amarr militia.

  4. we dont hate you.......but you can seriously be annoying. especially because of the things you said on that youtube video and on eve in general. just come to terms with it and change yourself. stop haiting everyone dude. take 2 steps back and calm the f**k down. look at what people have said or posted about you. you cant believe that we are all wrong for f**k sake. just watch the youtube thing a dark room and actually listen to what you said. if you still agree with it and stuff then just except that you will need to play a different game and move on with your life. no body can be so ignorant and actually think like you unless they have married their own damn cousin. just think about it man. enjoy life and have a pleasant day and actually read what i said and think about it