Friday, September 30, 2011

Our biggest weakness in the Minmatar LateNight right now is our numbers. We are constantly outnumbered in the US TZ. Normally, this wouldn’t matter. However, taking 3-4 guys against a 15 man gang usually means suicide. (And sometimes, that doesn’t even stop us.)

Sometimes, however, it means no fights. Or sneaking around trying to catch stragglers and picking away at the fringes of their gang---which can be extremely tedious at times.

We decided last night that in order to fight them, we were probably going to have to invite people to our fleet that we don’t normally fight with. In a perfect world, it would work. But it usually doesn’t for us. It takes a while for people to get used to our loosely fced, Leroy tendencies.

Last night we were trying to get enough numbers to take on a moderate Amarr gang. They had picked us off a few times, and we were really spoiling for a good fight. But we never seemed to be able to muster enough numbers to take them full head-on.

They seemed to be roaming toward Metropolis, so we rustled up some stuff to take after them, and ended jumping our entire, much smaller fleet into theirs by accident. Not a good plan!

The first guy to jump in immediately started cautioning us on coms. “Don’t jump in guys, they have a crap load here!” But, most of us had already jumped. They probably had a ton of tackle with what was there, so it was doubtful most of us would get out. Especially considering some of us were in shinier stuff then usually –tech 2 cruisers and etc.

“Hold on a second, and uncloak when I tell you to.” Reverend Phoenix piped up. We had no clue what he was up to, but we were open to any plan at that time.

“Hmm…they’re all burning away.” It was probably Dagren who first pointed this out.
Apparently, Rev had uncloaked his dramiel and most of the Amarr fleet was chasing him! They were quickly burning out of point range of us. (Why a bunch of battlecruisers would even try to chase a dramiel is beyond me.)


As soon as the Amarr were at a good range, we made a run for it. Some of us simply warped away to safe spots. Others freely MWDed (out of range of webs and scrams!) back to the gate and jumped through.
The only guys that got caught were the new ones that don’t normally fly with us---they were probably wondering what the heck was going on.

So, we should probably start scouting…you know…once in a while. (Effort. Sigh.)

And the Amarr…well, they need to get over their obvious fascination and distraction with small, shiny objects.

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  1. I'm guilty of having no pod time lately. Once my big home project is done I'll be in pod more...