Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend Warrior

This past weekend offered a plethora of pvp opportunities. (I love that word: plethora. An fc used it once during a fleet and I can’t stop saying it.) Starting with Friday’s battleship engagement, there was a steady stream of engagements from serious battleship and triage carrier fights to small cruiser skirmishes.

The first battleship fight was fun due to limited logistics on either side. Usually, during fights such as that, someone will either drop capitals, or bat-phone neutral help. This time, it was a good old fashioned brawl during which we held the field, and obliterated a good amount of battleships.

The second major battleship fight that I was online for happened on Saturday. The Amarr seemed a little cranky at that point and brought a very dangerous looking Abaddon fleet with 6 Guardians. We had a mixed battleship fleet, with one triage carrier. When our carrier seemed to be in trouble, we dropped additional carriers, though none of them had triage capabilities.

This second fight ended oddly. We thought for sure that we were going to lose the carrier, as he was completely capped out and dead in the water. He could not even rep himself. We also appeared to be taking heavy losses. Suddenly, the enemy fleet disengaged and ran. Later, when the killmails started rolling in, we saw that we had taken down a lot of them, while losing relatively little ourselves.

Another fun fight happened in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. This time, however, it was with a small neutral fleet. We noticed a few of them milling around near huola, and followed them several jumps away. They seemed to be high sec status carebears, so we didn’t think they would actively engage us, even though several in our 4 man fleet (okay, so everyone except me) were flashy.

They ended up engaging us with 2 curses, a cynabal, a dramiel, a myrmidon, and probably a couple other things I can’t remember right now. We GCCed on them and killed all of them, not losing a single person.  I lost nearly 2 points of sec status, putting me well on my way toward becoming permanently flashy, along with the rest of my corporation. Also, several of their ships dropped some isk-worthy faction items. We each went away with both a stack of tech 2 loot, and 26 million ISK shares on the faction sales. (Who says you can’t make ISK pvping?)

Sunday afternoon, a corpmate lost his vagabond, which was a somewhat expensive loss. However, we killed most of what was on the field, and they also ended up dropping faction items, which pretty much covered the loss. (And of course, I gave my corpy the loots to pay for his ship.) It was a fun fight, even with the loss.
It was a very busy weekend in the Eve Universe. I’m hoping the activity keeps up, though I probably won’t be staying up until 3 AM every weekend. ;)


  1. Something must be going right if you are staying up until 3am!

    Sounds like good fights. Hate Abbadons and Guardians :)

  2. oh, unless we are using them (as a proficient logi V pilot myself)