Saturday, August 20, 2011

Got Blob?

The one thing I hear referenced in Eve more than any other thing is the idea of ‘blobbing.’ If someone gets killed after getting ganked by anything other than a solo ship, he claims he was ‘blobbed.’ If the enemy drops carriers on an opposing battleship fleet, it is a ‘blob.’ Common smack in local includes references to blobbing as well. “Nice blob you have there.” And “Can you guys not fight without the blob?”

So, what is this blob you speak of? 

I initially thought that blobbing was when an enemy brings an exorbitant amount of ships to kill something that could have easily been killed with a fraction of what they have. I believe this was the original idea, though nowadays the term ‘blobbing’ seems to be more widely used to reference anything that wasn’t an equally 1 to 1 fight.

It is impossible to prevent blobs.

As long and loudly people complain about blobs, there is nothing you can do about them. What constitutes a ‘blob’ is extremely relative. Even though you may do everything to fight an equal fight, the losing party will more than likely claim to have been blobbed.

Also, it is extremely impractical to even try. With the myriad of ships that Eve offers, not to mention the options for fitting things, you can never have a 1 to 1 fight. You can get close, roughly, but again it’s still all relative and a matter of opinion.

You don’t really care about blobbing, anyway.

You just don’t like to get blobbed. This in no way keeps you from blobbing, no matter how you define the word. You see a lone battlecruiser on a gate and attack sololy. Part way into the fight you realize you don’t have enough dps. What do you do? You call in your friends. If you truly despised and turned away from all ‘blobbing’ you would allow yourself to be killed and accept the fact that you were an inferior pilot. (I can feel my more egotistical readers bristling at this, but it’s true.)

It’s just an excuse.

An excuse for why you died. An excuse to smack. An excuse to why you wont fight. An excuse to why you wont undock. An excuse for your fear.

Our fleets will always be different because

  • Different amounts of people log on at different times
  • Different pilots have different skill levels
  • Different pilots have different ideas on how to fit things.
  • Different FCs have different strategies

That’s just the way it is.

In the end…
Your blob does not concern me. I will kill you with my teacup.

Your inferior numbers are not my problem.

Fight to win.

Hail to the victor.


  1. Average fleet I fly in is 4-10 ppl. Doesn't keep people from thinking we're blob though.

    They just dont like to get pwned.

  2. Good points and I generally agree. Just so you know, in a 1v1 situation, I often go down fighting instead of calling friends in for help because that is what I do in a 1v1 fight.

    In my experience "blobs" are when the opposing force specifically generates an excessive fleet in response to an inferior force. The "specifically" portion being the important determining factor. If my inferior force just happens to run into a massive fleet or gate camp, that is one thing (and while it sucks, it happens), but when someone sees my 4-5 man gang and undocks 27 ships to fight us, that is a blob.


  3. If I agree before hand to a 1 vs 1, I'll always honor that. If a solo ship attacks me, and there was no agreement, I'll kill them anyway I can, even if that means calling in a corpmate or two. ;)

  4. War is war. Kills are kills. The funniest whiners are the guys who try to gank you with their 'blob,' and then whine in local when they become the gankees...