Wednesday, August 10, 2011

But, I’m still a nice Person, Right??

If you’ve been reading any of the stuff I’ve posted lately, you’ve probably gained the impression that I’m somewhat of a cranky, cut-throat chick with a chip on her shoulder.

It’s weird too, because I always thought of myself as a somewhat diplomatic sort, easily making friends and keeping the peace. It wasn’t until I started blogging some of this stuff that I started to realize how mean I can actual be, and have been in the past.

I would like to say I wasn’t always this way. Sure, I’ve had my moments. I used to be the diplomat for an alliance back in the day, and was quite the peace-maker. (Okay, so I told people if they continued to complain about people ‘stealing’ their rats that I would come shoot them myself. Oh, and there was that time I shot a new corpmate until he docked with hull damage, because he was annoying me. Yeah, maybe I wasn’t the best diplomat in the world.)

However, I made a lot of friends during that period, some of whom I still talk to, even though they are Goons now. (Ew) So I couldn’t be doing everything badly. Friends are good, right?

I was probably a lot nicer before then, anyway. After all, leading an alliance is a lot of work and can be really stressful. It’s no wonder I went crazy at some people.

The alliance I was in before the one I talk about above, was one of the first alliances I had ever been in. It was also my first 0.0 stint. Needless to say I wasn’t particularly impressed. Everyone seemed to be somewhat skittish, and there wasn’t enough pvp for my taste. But I was still nice to people. Except, well….except for that time I wrote this scathing piece on their forums and (in brilliant, flaming rhetoric) castrated their entire male population. Needless to say the entire thing erupted and the alliance was disbanded a week or so later.

But, it was their own fault, of course.

Before that I was in Black Watch Legionairres. They were pretty cool in my eyes back then. Supposedly elite pvpers who wardecced huge alliances and caused a lot of tears. (Granted, this was back in 2007. Things were a lot different back then.) I can’t remember doing anything mean, or obnoxious to them. Probably because they were the first people I had come into contact with that were more cut-throat then I was. I paid attention, and was trained in a lot of basic pvp skills during my time in that corporation.

So, I guess that’s where my niceness ended. Unless of course you ask how I got into their corporation. I *might* have happened to be a director in a corporation in one of their enemy alliance prior to that, and I *might* have defected to the enemy. But, that’s all water under the bridge, right?

I’m not even sure what ‘friendliness’ or ‘space honor’ in Eve is even about anyway. We’re all trying to kill each other, not create gift baskets. I honor 1 vs 1 because I know if I don’t I wont get anymore. Is that space honor? I 100% back up my corp mates, even when they are obviously wrong. (Which they never are, of course. ;) I’ll even GCC on a friendly to avenge a corpmate’s annoyance, or agree that a salvager on a pvp cane is the end of the world. I’ll suicide bait for my fleet, and pretend not to notice (or mind) when fleet chat gets to about the IQ of a chicken. So all in all, I think I’m a pretty nice girl.

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  1. "and pretend not to notice (or mind) when fleet chat gets to about the IQ of a chicken"