Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Little Blob that Could

There was death and tears. There might have even been some emo raging.

The night started out on my bad side. I didn't think anything was going on, so I went to watch some Rookie Blue. When I came back, my corpmates told me that I had missed some big fight. I was completely disgusted. After being inactive for so long and finally jumping into a new corp, I didn't want to be missing all the fun fights!

More action picked up an hour or so later. It was not your cohesive fleet that roams around and gets into engagements. Most of us were flying/camping around a 4 system radius--looking for targets, and trying to coax the enemies primary FC to form up a gang against us.

During the beginning engagements, the enemy fc used a strange tactic against us. He'd warp to a gate, or a station and have his entire gang burn away so that when we arrived, they were 50-100 kilometers away. However, they didn't appear to be in sniping ships and they didn't really attack us. This happened for a good while with us chasing them all over one system, catching and killing stragglers who didn't burn fast enough.

They seemed to run away for a while, only to reform and attack us again in another system. This was met with heavy losses on their side, as we outnumbered them nearly 2 to 1.

After that they would seem to run away again...only to engage in another system, also resulting in heavy losses. The final battle rook place in their home system, with them fleeing for their station. At this point, we played station games with the enemy fc, who undocked his archon over and over again. When he eventually undocked a battleship gang, it also met with heavy losses.

Yeah we blobbed them. I'm a little surprised they engaged us with the amount that we overpowered them. But it was a fun way to start playing in my new corp.

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