Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me?

Last night I was extremely spontaneous and joined a new corporation out of the blue. It wasn't completely irresponsible because I actual know most of the members, but it does require a significant 'life' style change in EVE.

For one, I will be moving back to empire. Granted, my nullsec stint this time wasn't too long so the transition wont be too great. I've lived in 0.0 for years before moving back in the past and it was extremely hard to get used to.

I do think that some of the responses I get are funny. Some of my 0.0 friends think that only complete noobs pvp in empire. I mean, it's empire right? But I look at their killboard and I look at my killboard and others' from peak empire days and I sigh. They have no clue.

The second big change is that I will probably be going -10 with this change. In my 4+ years of playing EVE, it is something I have never done. Don't worry, I wont be smart bombing pods in Jita any time soon. I'm not one of those chest beaters who think they own EVE because they're flashy red. However, I may naturally and slowly creep toward the dark side of the sec status spectrum.

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  1. Welcome to the dark side. We are awesome because we have cookies.