Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Fun Corp Ops Anyone Could Do

Sometimes, you just run out of ideas of things to do. Over the years of playing EVE, I’ve been on many different kinds of ops. Some of them were merely lol ops, others were more serious experiments. Whether you’re a new corp trying to get new members involved, or an older corp trying to get that ‘spark’ back, doing a themed op might be just the trick.

#1. Frigate Roam. Frigate roams can be wildly popular, and effective if done correctly. You are fast, agile, and can usually get away from most camps and hot drops. Instead of doing a general frigate roam, try changing it up a bit. An old corp I was in long ago used to do remote-rep punisher gangs. Everyone would fit guns they were specced for and would vary the free midslot with a point, web, jammer, etc. We’d get a good gang of 7-8 punishers, and would have a blast while usually taking out something expensive. Of course, we usually all died. But it didn’t matter---it was just a punisher. And if we killed someone’s tech 2 cruiser, it was well worth the lulz.
#2. An In-Corp Cruiser Tournament. When I was in Federation of Freedom Fighters, we used to do these and have a ball. Everyone would get five tech-1 cruisers of their choice, fit however they want. (No ECM) Then, a field of battle was defined and people were allowed to run back to station and get a new cruiser once they died. Last man standing…won. It was not only a good way to practice tactical situations, it was fun to laugh at each other on voice coms. It was also fun to look at the map and see that our system was the ‘most dangerous’ in the last 24 hours. (Though, our api pulled killboards looked horrendous.)

#3. Covert Ops Hot Drop. Okay, so maybe not everyone could do this, depending on the skill level of your corporation. Covert hot drops can be great fun however. You get everyone in some sort of covert ops ship…such as bombers, recons, etc. A black ops in your home system is ready to jump everyone while a forward scout acts as bait within a certain radius. As soon as a hostile comes in to make their move, the scout pops a cyno and you all descend upon them. Usually it’s advisable to first trap the hostiles in a bubble of some sort, because people tend to run away from cynos these days.

#4. Suicide ganking. Though this means of entertainment is not always profitable, it can be wildly funny. In many places of high-sec you can find ‘bot’ or afk miners with an entire fleet of hulks, drones, and mining paraphernalia.  Get your corpmates into smart bombing battleships, sync a warp in, and let loose. Be prepared to lose standings—quickly, and be cursed at in local.

#5. Play capture the flag with a friendly corp/alliance. It’s quite simple…everyone must defend their ‘space’ in the system. The first to steal the others’ token and bring it back to the home station, wins. Best played in null sec, with tech 1 ships of some sort. A great way to not just have a ‘tournament’ of sorts, but to also practice strategy, fcing, etc.


  1. What kind of objects are used for capture the flag? If each team has an anchored can, you can stow an object in there to be the "flag." Is there a way to guarantee that the flag will drop in somebody's wreck if they're killed while running with it?

    Sounds like a good idea.

  2. You could do a variety of things with capture the flag. You could set a rule that if the token is destroyed, the defending team has a certain amount of time to launch/anchor/deposit a new token. This would introduce some more strategy for both the defense and the offense. You could also leave stacks of an item, with a limit that players can only take one, and the team who captures the most tokens without dying/losing them, wins.