Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incursion 1.4: Changes to Missions, Fitting, and Fleets

Though most of the changes being applied in todays fixes are small, insignificant changes, there are a few things that caught my eye
Firstly, people will no longer be penalized standings wise for declining, quitting, or timing out on a mission. Apparently, they are also significantly increasing the amount of time you can take to complete missions.

Pros: This is great for casual players who might accept missions and then not return to play again for a week.
Cons: People can now pick and choose which missions to do, making them fly through the easier ones, and simply decline and/or quit the one that are too hard.This might make the standings system somewhat unbalanced in my opinion.

Secondly, you will not be able to unfit your ships remotely. As far as I can see, this will have little effect on actual game play, though some traders might disagree. It used to be that in order to 'unfit' a ship you had to repackage it remotely, which trashes any rigs, etc.

The third thing I thought was interesting is the new station service that will allow us to "re-customize our appearance." Does this mean we will be able to change the way our avatar looks in-game? That would be very cool.

As far as fleets go, apparently you will default as the squad commander instead of the fleet commander when you start a fleet. This seems practical to me.

Some other things that I will be interested to play with a bit tonight are the default overviews, and...tatoos!

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