Monday, April 4, 2011

Turbulent Eve Politics = Influx in Recruitment Posts?

I occasionally like to the browse the recruitment forums to see who's recruiting, who's looking for a corp, and to amuse myself by reading overall really bad recruitments posts.

I've noticed the last week or so that there has been a large influx of people looking for a new corp. In fact, at the time of this post, there are at least 10+ posts within the first five pages for pilots over 40mil sp looking for a new corporation.

It's a natural observation that turbulent politics in Eve could largely contribute to pilots without homes. The fall of IT, and the removal of many corps/alliances from their space has many pilots returning to the drawing board to find new corporations who can offer alternative 0.0 space to mine, rat, and live in.

This raises the question of whether some enterprising young CEO will take advantage of the situation, or whether these pilots will fall through the cracks of being recruited into overpopulated alliances who simply want another set of faceless lemmings to fill their coffers and provide meat shieldage for their complex/mission running super capitals and titan conga lines.

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