Monday, April 25, 2011

How I Made My First Billion

After taking a significant amount of time off from trading (I got pretty burn out) I have finally resubbed my trade account.
Trading to me is somewhat addicting...even more so then killing people. When I go on a binge, I spend  hours analysing trade routes, popular items, margins, and other various things.

I started trading a couple years ago while I was living in Fountain as 'allies' to Pandemic Legion. (Yeah, that was a long time ago.) Anyway, I noticed that Tech 2 Expanded Cargoholds were selling for over 2.5mil and that there weren't a lot available in the region. So, what the heck? I went with a covert ops and filled my cargo with them (at around 650k from Jita) and flew them back out, dodging bubbles, and gate camps, through over 20 jumps of null sec.

To my surprise..they sold within a few days! and I was making over 2mil PER MODULE. This was pretty sweet stuff.
So I upgrade...bringing in larger quantities...stacks of 50-100. (I occasionally would sell as many as 100+ in a week, making over 200mil profit on just that one item.)

Of course, by this time, I was completely hooked to trading and started experiementing with other items, buying stuff off contracts...pushing up prices by buying items that were already in the station I was trading in and putting them back up at a higher price.

Some things worked...other things didn't work. I experimented and 'played' around with my isk until my measly <100mil (I was always grinding missions and ratting to get enough isk to pay for my pvp ships) turned over into plus 1 bil numbers.

And that's just the beginning.

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  1. Interesting! This is something I might think about doing in my sector. Not much is to be had near by so i find myself flying out to get it.. Bring it back in bulk and sell it here (closer) for an upped fee.. :D I don;t know why I don;t think of these things.. Thanks!