Saturday, April 16, 2011

17 Successful Torture Techniques

(To Torture Yourself)
1. Fly a Ferox
2. Shoot a POS (For 5+ Hours)
3. Join a Corp Where the Primary FC Doesn't Speak English
4. Autopilot Your Snake Clone Through HED-GP
5. Go mining
6. Fly your freighter through Amamake 5+ consecutive times
7. Fly a freighter
8. Watch the undock black Jita
9. Join Goons
10. Forget your ammo on a long roam
11. Fly a slow-locking battlecruiser in a tech 2 cruiser fleet

(To Torture Others)
12. Every time the FC links a new destination or gives a command, reply on coms with "We're all going to die!"
13. Bump random freighters trying to align in Jita
14. FC with a screaming baby in the background 
15. Persistently Hot-MIC while humming the theme song from Veggie Tales
16. Persuade your corp to go 50+ jumps for a non existent super cap kill
17. Persuade your corp to kill something in a wormhole..and 'forget' to bring your probes...

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