Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Ways to Improve Your PVP

1. PVP. It may sound strange, but over the years I'm amused by how many people sit in station, argue over ship fits and tactics, but dont really get out there. The best pvp knowledge is first hand experience. The more you pvp...the more chances you have for becoming a better pvper.

2. Join a PVP corp. Again, seemingly a given. However, it can be very difficult to find a pvp corp that is a good match for your pvp style. In addition to that, many corps label themselves as 'pvp corps' when in reality they are only fooling themselves. A few 'pvp corps' to stay away from if you want good, fun pvp are:

    -Corps that rely 100% on their alliance. For their gangs, their activity, etc., many corps use alliances to help out. It is important to find a corp that is strong individually as a corp.

    -Corps that have little activity on their killboard. Killboards aren't always the best measure of a corp, but if they have little to know activity, or large quantities of losses with few kills, you know that they're just dreaming of what could one day happen when they claim to be a pvp corp.

    -Corps have a reputation for lots of smack and trolling. While not true in all cases, many smackers/trollers behave that way in order to compensate for their lack of skills.

    -Corps with few members, or a recruitment emphasis on 'solo pvp.' Chances are you'll be on your own, and will not benefit from having members to answer questions or take you out pvping if you are less experienced.

    -Corps that are self proclaimed elitists. They will be more interested in telling you how good they are and everything you did wrong, then in helping you or working as a team.

3. Fly What You Enjoy to Fly. Many people get stuck in corps that require certain fits, certain fleet composition, etc. Many times, when you are free to fly what you enjoy and experiment some with fittings, you'll be much more effective. You'll be more comfortable in knowing what your ship can handle, and you'll be more effective in a group pvp you will know exactly what role you are expected to play.

4. Fly What You Can Afford to Lose. Dying happens and isn't usually fun. If you expect and plan for it, you'll be less disappointed when it actually does happen. Only those who sit in stations all day never die.

5. Learn From Other PVPers. Though personal experience is extremely useful, you can learn alot from other pvpers' stories and experiences. Also, dueling with corpmates to test fittings, damage, etc. is extremely useful as you can see how your ship will standup in a real(ish) setting. 

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