Monday, February 14, 2011

Faction War PVP vs. 0.0 PVP

Having pvped for more then a year with both faction war and 0.0, I have a pretty good understanding of the differences in style (and attitudes) of pvpers from either side. It is amusing to me to see how snobby people can be in-game when defending their particular style of game-play/pvp.

I spent most of my career in various regions of 0.0. Even when faction war came out, I didn't do much dabbling, simply because of the reputation it had among my 0.0 peers. The consensus seemed to be that faction war was for empire dwelling noob role players, who went around in tech 1 fit ships with salvagers. (I'm not entirely sure my opinion has changed all that much, after flying in fw for nearly a year.)

I joined fw largely due to boredom. After being in 0.0 for can get sick of the whole 'process' that pvp gets to be. Fleet form-ups, politics, cranky fcs, CTAs, etc. tend to quickly bring an onslaught of lemming-like actions which turn even the most hardened, exploratory pvpers into a vegetable-like state of compliance.

Faction war 'ers' , I soon found out, are just as prejudice and snobby about their pvp habits as are 0.0 'ers.' They recognize the mindless nature of many of the large fleet fights, and claim that their style (which tends to be small-gang/solo/nano stuff) is the 'real' pvp. They tend to turn there nose at any engagement where 'blobbing' occurs and where the gangs consist of more then 25 fleet members.

Having seen it all, I have reached several conclusions. 
1. There are good and bad pvpers no matter where you go. I've seen some awesome soloers in 0.0...and some great super cap pilots who can do crazy things. I have seen excellent faction war pvpers who average hundreds of solo kills every month. I have seen some super bad faction war doods with some really emssed up fits, and I've seen entire fleets of 0.0 lemmings who wouldn't know the different between a good or bad fit simply because they only fit what their FC tells them to fit.

2. The important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. I'm pretty sick of people claiming one style is 'better' then another. If you enjoy big fleet fights, then that's better for you. If you enjoy running around by yourself, then go for it. But to claim that one pvp style is 'better' then another...well, that's just silly.

3. Internet spaceships is important business. You know you agree.

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