Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bree: A Night on the Town

After a long and eventful trip through the barrow downs, I decided it was time for a much needed vacation. Where better to restock, resupply, rest, mend clothes and boots and gloves, resharpen swords, restock arrows, and restring a bow then in Bree? After doing the many chores that were necessary for my continued life as a hunter, I decided to take a night on the town, explore the various sites, and become a 'tourist' for the evening.

The ale flowed fast, the people were friendly, and there was no short supply for ample amusements.

I started my journey in the south, after running errands with the nearby hunting lodge and hunter trainer. There's a lovely monument near the woodcutter's quarters.

Afterwards, I made my way up the High Stair. It was quite a trek! But the view at the top made it all worth it......from the top, it felt like you could look down on the entire town of Bree.
You cant visit Bree without visiting Bree's Market Square. On one side, there is an enormous gate. (I admit I felt quite dwarfed by it...and an Elf would usually not mention such a thing.) It is fun to watch the various types of travelers coming through the gates, though some visitors can be quite recklace flying about on their horses and not watching for playing children.
The market square boasts a beautiful fountain. I sat by it for nearly thirty minutes watching passerby's enjoying the fresh evening air. There was also a variety of live music, and various tinkerers selling their wares.

After my trip to the Market Square, I headed to the prancing pony where I witnessed a strange elven traveler riding some sort of outlandish animal. I was hoping he would be more outspoken about the great story there must be behind such a creature, but he seemed a bit shy. He did let me take my picture with him though.
 Inside the Prancing Pony, the atmosphere was relaxing and friendly. I couldn't help but take a short nap by the fire...their carpets are plush, and it was very warm.
The bartender must have thought I was bored...for he yelled out back for one of the musicians to come out and continue entertaining guests. I felt a little bad, as musicians need their rest as well...
The party was started! Feel refreshed from my nap, and a bit exuberant with the upbeat music, I bust a few moves. I cant say as I'm particularly talented at dancing, but Elves are naturally pretty graceful, if I do say so myself.
Me and the enormous bear in the Prancing Pony.
After dancing the night away, (and a wee bit too much ale) I left the Prancing Pony to get back to the Inn...and witness a beautiful sunrise. It was the perfect ending to an evening vacation. All too soon, it would be back to hunting monsters.

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