Monday, March 21, 2011

The Results

After over 50 responses, I've finally collected and sorted them. Sorry I didn't get the results up suddenly got very busy!

Out of 53 total responses, 43 admitted to playing one of the games on the list.
The top four being Eve Online, then WOW, then LOTRO, then Dungeons and Dragons.

Out of the 43 who played the games at all, 20 claimed to have purchased in-game items/money, with the top four games being the same as the top four played. (Which makes complete sense.)

When asked their opinion about purchasing in-game money and items using real money, over 35% said they'd only do it if the game allowed it. Over 24% said they didn't think it was wrong but still wouldn't do it, and over 17% didn't have an opinion either way.

Only about 4% said they would do it any time.

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