Monday, October 20, 2014

Confessions of a Closet Carebear

Well, I’m back after a much needed week-long vacation from work, EVE, and everything else in-between. There’s nothing like a vacation to reset one’s perspective a bit.

I’d figured I’d start my time back by confessing to something: I’m a really big carebear.

I’m not sure how, or when it happened. But, I’ve slowly turned from an ‘evil pirate who trades and manufactures things on the side’ to an evil trader/manufacturer who pirates on the side. I finally realized this when I came back from vacation and realized how many trade/carebear projects needed attending to.

I am currently up to five trade alts, two of which double as manufacturing alts. Over the last few weeks I’ve tripled my investment in my low-sec market, and have started a bunch of regional trading projects as well. And, as I started the chore of organizing and consolidating assets, I realized that I’ve slowly accumulated (and/or researched from scratch) nearly a full set of perfect ME frigate, destroyer, and cruiser BPOs. You know, for every frigate, destroyer, and cruiser in the game…lol! I think I’m only missing a couple here and there, which is made up for by the fact that for some I have more than one BPO of the same ship.

While I haven’t reached carebear lvl Epic yet, (after all I don’t mine) I must be getting up there at this point.

Truth be told, I blame my alliance and their inactivity. The lack of things to do on the pvp side has driven me to find other things to do. And thus, a carebear was born.


  1. undock your barge and your journey to bearside will be complete.

    But seriously, mining not some great evil. It is a decent way to gather some resources whilst checking PI, market items and R&D jobs. And like just about anything else in the game, way better in a fleet with friends.

  2. Mining is like flipping burgers. Most people have done it for at least a little while when they're young. But unless you're near the top is just not worth the tedium. And if you've been around a while and still work the front lines you've made bad choices with your life.

  3. Don't feel bad - after all, most of the null players are carebears these days.