Sunday, July 20, 2014

Huola: An In-Depth Analysis According to Seuss

One frig
Two frig
Red Frig
Blue frig.

Neutral frig
Drunken swig
Gallente prig
Logi jig.

This one is amidst a mob
This one is an epic snob
Say! Everywhere there is a blob!

Yes. Some are red and some are blue
Some are vets and some are new.
Some are sad
And some are MAD
And some are, very, very BAD.

It'll pass it's just a fad.

Amarrians want to take this place
And kick the Minnies in the Face
And take the Minnies own home base!

 from there to here, from here to there,
are everywhere!

The Amarrians--they like to run!
They run for fun
In the hot, hot sun.

Oh Me! Oh My!
Oh Me! Oh My!
What a lot of Amarr go by!

Some have poorly fitted ships
Some fill local with stupid quips.
Some just need to get a grip.

One follows another,
in a perfect line
Kill the FC
and they lose their spine.

Look at this fleet
One Two Three
How many Minnies do I see?
One Two Three and Four
And a batphone just next door.

This is something new,
The Amarr only wish
they had friends too!

Bash and SMASH, we crash and YELL
Then temporary blue to kill PL!!!!
Then it's back to frigate hell.

One frig
Two Frig
Red Frig,
Blue  frig.

Old frig
PEW! frig
Dead Frig
New frig

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