Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Super Serious Spaceship Survey: Results Part 1

Ever wonder what spaceship your friends would be if they were a spaceship, or why the Amarrian jumped through the gate? Me too! And so, on a whim last night, I decided to ask.

I give you the results of Susan's first Super Silly Spaceship Survey, as given on Twitter over the past 24 hours. I had so much fun reading the responses, there will probably be a second one someday.

Question #1: When you log into EVE, what is the first thing you check?

The top three winners were
Corp Chat (66%)
Fleet Finder (16%)
Corp Kills/Losses (7%)

In addition to this there were many write-in answers, most related to checking notifications, mail, local, and skill queues.

What  was my answer? Oh, probably my wallet. I have the tendency to do my 'chores' on my trade alt first thing, before logging on Susan for some pew.

Questions #2:  If CCP marooned you in a system with no gates, which ship would you rather be stuck there with?

This was supposed to be a deserted island type question, the point being you CANT escape. But in true EVE Online fashion, pilots answered this question by min/maxing their choices, choosing the ship they felt would offer the best chances of them making the most of getting out of the situation.

The Helios won with 27%. apparently, so that an exit wormhole could be probed down more easily.
The Erebus came in second at 22%. apparently, so that they could cyno out, according to one Twitterer.
The Rifter came in third at 14%, and was probably the choice of those who could neither fly an Erebus, nor probe things out well. If you're going to be stuck in a gateless system you might as well be there with a ship that looks pretty.

Sadly, not a single person chose the Iteron.
Poor little Iteron.

Question #3: Why did the Amarrian jump through the gate?

Most answers seemed to revolve around slaves. The Amarrian was chasing his slaves, going to market for slaves, or somehow jumping through a gate due to the promotion and furthering of slavery.

Some said something with regards to the Empress. Apparently, she sent him through the gate, sent him to buy slaves, or simply gave him orders regarding gate jumping in general.

Beyond slaves, and the evil dictatress, food was also a common purpose. Apparently pancakes, cookies, and other desirably edible items are big motivators for gate jumping. Who knew? Perhaps CCP should stop rewarding various activities with ISK/ LP and start handing out pizza as a conflict driver.

One replier also mentioned that the Amarrian was probably chasing after his lost chicken. 

Question #4: Match the Personality with the word that best describes them.

I admit, I put some obvious 'right' answers in there. However, once again in true EVE Online fashion, you have proven that the whims of EVE Online pilots do not always produce expected or predictable outcomes.

  • CCP Punkturis - 76% said Pink, 11% said Balance, and 4 % said Website
  • Mynnna - The funny thing with Mynnna is that he was voted for almost every word at least once --excepting Zebra. His top three were Rich, Evil, Pirate with 43%, 10%, and 6% respectively.
  • CCP Fozzie - 74% said Balance, with nothing else coming in as a clear second and third place. However, one thing he is NOT, apparently, is rich.
  • Rixx Javixx -  Rixx's scores were divided primarily between Hats, and Pirate, at 44% and 35% respectively. Apparently, he is known more for his apparel then for his nefarious piloting. Oh well. No one ever said pirates need to be poorly dressed.
  • Sugar Kyle - Sugar's scores were all over the place. That's okay. Men aren't known for being able to figure us females out and the 96% male population of EVE Online is probably not going to be the exception. Her top word came in as Pirate, with Carebear, Website,  Crazy, and Pink coming in fairly neck and neck afterwards. But, she can be happy knowing that no one thinks she's Evil.
  • CCP Karkur - CCP Karkur's scores were slightly spread out too, her top being Hats at 22%, Prolific at 20%, and Carebear at 15%. At least two people said Zebra, and one said Cyno. I'm not even going to try to reason out why on those two answers....
  • Chribba - Tritanium 50%, with Rich and Carebear coming in second and third. Yeah. I'm not going to argue with any of those.
  • Doomchinchilla - A lot of people skipped Doomchinchilla for some reason. They didn't know who he was? Or there were simply no words to describe him accurately? Those who did answer pretty much summed it up with 'Crazy Cyno Pirate'. In that order.
  •  Xander - 50% said Zebra. Well, duh. His second word was Website at around 14%, and Carebear at 9%. At least 6 people consider him to be either evil or crazy.
  • The Mittani - 39% said Evil, while 26% said Website. Nothing else was very significant except for the 6 people that decided that Rich better described him. He comes away with the highest percentage achieving evil, with Mynnna taking Evil in second place. Hmm, there must be something about these two that people don't like?
  • Riperd Teg - Riperd comes away as most Prolific, with this word coming in first place at 37%. Second and third place were Website and Carebear.

Question #5: if you had a trillion ISK, what would you do with it?
64% of you said buy spaceships!
31% said you would fund a big project, and
30% said you'd give some away.

Yes, I know that adds up to more than 100%. That's because I let you pick more than one thing. There were also a few write-ins, with a common one being to purchase another character.

7 of you would start an empire. Really? Only 7? And 5 of you are either going to try your luck at SOMER Blink, or the write-in response of EOH Poker.

I have often asked myself, what would I do with a trillion ISK? And the answer is probably the same as what I do with my meager billions --probably stare at it sometimes, rubbing my hands in glee --and then going off to pew in my cheap Condor.

Question #6: If you were a spaceship, which spaceship would you be? (And why?)

"A Dominix because it has drones so I won't be lonely."
"An Atron, because I am awesome!"
"An Enyo, because I am a little bundle of fun."
"Butix - I'm fat and have lots of kids milling about the place."
"An atron, because I actually have a foreheard in RL like one." 
"Raven, cause you can't touch this from 200K."
"Caracal - cute but deadly."

There were a surprising number of pilots who chose their answers because they related the size of the ship to their own bodily size --claiming to be small, fast, and nimble, or fat and slow. 

But the grand winner was the Thorax.
::rolls eyes::

Question #7: Which of these activities did you do most recently?
36% said you killed someone. I genuinely hope you mean in-game.
14% said you spinned a ship in a station, and
12% of you plugged in a skillbook.

Question #8
Rank the Following

When I looked at the results for this the first time, Caldari were the worst ranked faction. I mentioned this on Twitter, and apparently that rustled up some action for your resident shield loving missile goers. Caldari came in ranked first, with the rest of the Factions ranking as follows:

2. Sansha's Nashion
3. Minmatar and Amarr tied. (awww, we tied guys! We're just one big happy family. In third place.)
4. Mordu's Legion
5. Gallente
6. Sister's of EVE

Question #10: On a scale of 1-5 how excited are you for Kronos?

46% said  #4-Looking forward to it.
18% said #3-Maybe it will be okay
14% said OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!


Yes, I know I skipped #9: If you could ask a dev anything, what would you ask? The list of answers was so long, I didn't want to break it down to just a sampling of three or four, so I decided to move it to a part 2. 

Also, my game is done installing Kronos so it's time to go make some internet spaceship explosions!!



  1. 1. Check email.
    2. Orca.
    4. Low sec players think everyone else is carebear or part of an evil empire?
    6. Drake wants some love as well.
    7. Undock nightmare, cap issues, redock

    1. Raziel Walker in regard to point 4:

      We don't just think it we know it.