Thursday, March 20, 2014

42 Little Things I Wish I Could do in EVE

Prior to taking a short break from EVE, I noticed a few people writing up EVE wishlists. So, I thought I'd do the same.

  • I wish I could run a d-scan, and then drag a link of the results into a chat window. And, like sharing any killmail or fitting, others in my chat can quickly see (after clicking on it) exactly what I had on scan.
  • I wish that invitations to conversations/fleet would pop up in the BACKGROUND instead of the foreground, so that if I’m already in the process of typing, I don’t accidentally close or accept the request.
  • If I am in a fleet, and someone invites me to ANOTHER fleet, I wish it gave me the option to transfer from one to the other, instead of telling the inviter that I’m “already in a fleet.”
  • I wish my ship inventory reflected the complete estimated worth of all hulls, fittings, and cargo contents instead of just the ship hulls. Also, when I hover over a fit ship in my ship hanger, I wish it would show me the specific total estimated worth of the entire ship including fittings and contents.
  • I wish I could right click a fit in the fitting window and rename it.
  • I wish there was a clear countdown on the UI that shows how much time I have left before I ‘decloak’ after jumping through a gate.
  • I wish that the Militia Office tab showed a screen for both warzones, so that I could look at statistics regarding the current Gallente/Caldari warzone even though i'm in Minmatar or Amarr.
  • I wish I could put bounties on anchored objects such as Mobile Depots, POCOs, and POS towers. Not a bounty on those that own it, but a bounty on the structure itself –reimbursable if the structure is taken down by the owner.
  • I wish I could merge certain blue print copies into one blueprint copy –especially blueprints bought in the LP store such as Stabber Fleet Issue BPCs and etc.
  • If I drag a fit ship from my hanger into a chat window, I wish it would automatically link the FIT rather than the info about the ship.
  • Instead of checking check boxes on a scroll screen when contracting items out of the station I’m currently docked at, I wish I could drag and drop items and partial stacks directly.
  • I wish I could split stacks of items via my asset window, especially for setting up contracts remotely.
  • I wish there was a check box when I sell stacks of items on the market, that will prevent the items from automatically being listed on the market if the buyer I sell to doesn’t have a buy order quantity big enough to fulfill my entire sell request. Instead, the remainder would return to my hanger and I could keep selling until they were gone. (To do this currently, you have to split your stack to match the quantity of the buy orders.)
  • I wish I could save certain things regarding my drone window so that when I undock in a new ship, it automatically knows how to sort my drones. For example, if I always put my Warriors in a ‘Warrior’ folder, I wish there was a way I could set it up so I don’t need to manually move my warriors to that folder every time I get a new ship.
  • I wish there was a column for the price of a contract, and a column for description when running queries on my OWN completed contracts.
  • I wish I could toggle a chat window to mute or unmute, so that I can periodically make a chat channel ‘quiet’ without closing it. (IE: local)
  • I wish they would change how acceleration gates look/work so that we can’t easily get stuck in them.
  • I wish that when I’m being attacked by someone’s drones, that it would show the pilot who owns the drones as being aggressed on me.
  • I wish there was something in the UI that made the ‘docking radius’ of a station very clear, so that I can easily see how close I am to it, and how close other people on grid are to it.
  • I wish I could drag and drop items from my ship’s cargo bay directly into a contract. (While docked) For example, to contract loot after a fight.
  • I wish I could separate things that I have with my ship (ammo and charges) from things I pick up along the way. (loot, etc.) And, I wish there was a button when, once docked, let me empty all the loot all at once without removing the ammo and charges.
  • I wish I could add bookmarks to my overview.
  • I wish there were hangers in stations that you could give anyone access to. For example, you could setup ‘alliance’ hangers, or hangers to share between all your alts, or hangers with a specific group of people that are not necessarily inside your corporation.
  • I wish I could sort my ships into folders, and that these folders would show up on the navigation tree in the inventory. I wish I could also do this separately with general loot as well, vs using a bunch of containers. I want to sort things, but if I put them in containers, I have to take them out again before I can hit ‘fit’ on the fitting window and have it ‘find’ those items.
  • I wish that alliance contracts were not considered ‘public contracts’ and that there were more skills for setting up alliance contracts, both as an individual and a corporation.
  • I wish setting up contracts didn’t have so many screens to step through.
  • I wish I could purchase items from an LP store remotely, as I can purchase items from the market remotely. (I’d have to go there to pick it up, or I could contract it to someone.)
  • When I hover over an item in the LP store, I wish it would pop up the tooltip that has the estimated worth on it.
  • When I set up manufacturing runs, I wish that it would default the quantity built to the maximum quantity I can build given the materials I have in the station.
  • When I set up manufacturing runs, and I set the quantity built higher then what I have materials for, I wish it would show me immediately what I’m missing and how much –instead of waiting to tell me after I’ve tried to start the manufacturing run.
  • I wish there was an ECCM-like module that doesn’t just affect my chance of getting jammed, but also affects how long the jam cycle will work on me—reducing the length of time a hostile can keep me jammed in one cycle.
  • I wish they would put back the battlecruiser plex in Faction War.
  • I wish I could right click a stack of ships and select to assemble them all.
  • When I open the fitting management screen, I wish the default selection was a fit or folder for the class of the ship I'm currently sitting in so that I don't have to scroll to look for it.
  • When I select the repair screen in a station, I wish it would initially just show me everything in my hanger that's damaged that I can repair. Right now, it seems to show me a random, partial list of things I have in my hanger.
  • I wish I could drag and drop items into different locations (change the order) on my market Quickbar.
  • I wish I could delete really old 'war bills' from the alliance wallet. They NEVER go away.
  • When I run a query on my transactions in my wallet, I wish that any transactions that are new since I last ran the query showed up a slightly different color.
  • When someone completely a plex in a FW warzone system, I wish the Faction War contestation graph would glow red or green depending on whether the system became more or less contested, rather then simply refreshing.
  • I wish they would revert the 'Statistics' tab on the militia screen back to the old tabs, instead of the mess of scrolling windows.
  • I wish entrance into militia was based off militia corp standings instead of Faction standings.
  • When I'm in the middle of a really long fight, I wish I could pause the game so I can go pee. (Okay, so I had to end with a joke...)


  1. "I wish there was a clear countdown on the UI that shows how much time I have left before I ‘decloak’ after jumping through a gate."

    No way, man. That's a skill, knowing how long you have until uncloak.

    1. I'm right there with you! And while we are at it, let's roll back some of the namby, fisher price hand holding changes that have been made to games over the years: No more mouse control! HTFU and input those pointer coordinates by hand like a real man, cos that's a skill that is.

      Seriously, there's a difference between difficult and stupid. You think an experienced capsuleer in his incredibly sophisticated technological wonder of a ship isn't going to have an accurate cloak duration timer? or even, y'know, a cheap plastic stop watch?

      In the real world too, the mark of a professional is that they don't take stupid risks.

    2. You suck Anonymous. Go back to your WoW.

    3. I think Poe was being facetious lol

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I was, Miss Black.

      CCP has timers for everything else, except this. The reason why they haven't implemented a gate cloak timer is that it's very likely wrapped up in some clusterfuck of spaghetti code from early days of EVE. Anything that is half-assed implemented can probably be blamed, ultimately, on the POS code for not being fully implemented.

    6. On the other hand, we could all just go buy ourselves a cheap plastic stopwatch. :)

    7. there is a small circular timer in the upper left corner when u jump into a system?

  2. I wish there was a check box when I sell stacks of items on the market, that will prevent the items from automatically being listed on the market if the buyer I sell to doesn’t have a buy order quantity big enough to fulfill my entire sell request. Instead, the remainder would return to my hanger and I could keep selling until they were gone. (To do this currently, you have to split your stack to match the quantity of the buy orders.)

    Swap to the simple view if you want to sell to buy orders

    1. When selling to buy orders, you should always be using the "simple" setting in your sell window rather than the "advanced" setting. You will save a significant amount of ISK on taxes.

    2. Or set to Immediately. Anything over will go back into your hanger.

  3. I wish I could open a saved ship fitting in Jita and and right click, "Purchase Cheapest" and it would purchase the cheapest price of all modules in the fit.

    1. So I can buy Amarr out of a T2 mod during peak hours, reprice it at a couple billion each, and during those couple minutes I get to ownz0r those using this for a few tens of billions?

    2. No reason they couldn't add a feature that asks for confirmation on items that are way overpriced like the market already does.

  4. You can split stacks in contracts already in the selecting items page you right click a stack and choose split stack

    1. Yeah, but being able to do that before you go into the contact screen would be absolutely wonderful.

    2. Also, splitting stack from inside contracts is a little buggy I have found

  5. The repair window only displays un-packaged items which is why some things show up and others don't.

    It would be nice if the repair icon was a different color if there was something in your hangar that could be repaired.

  6. I gave you a Reddit bump yesterday:

  7. You can actually already do the first one on your list. Brave Newbies uses a tool (that I suspect is available to all) that you ctrl+A your results, ctrl+c, and the paste into the web tool, hit a button and then either paste the link or allow access to your scans as part of the setup process. They use it with the overview as well.