Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bad People

So, I know there’s been a lot of discussion going around lately regarding some dude who scammed someone and then tormented him for two hours afterwards on Teamspeak.

My opinion on this is fairly straight forward, so this post should be relatively short and sweet—which is good because if you’re like me you’re a little sick of the TLDR analysis on the subject.

First, I agree with FunkyBacon that CCP can’t ban or punish someone for something they did outside of EVE. The scam was done in EVE, and was not something against any EVE rules. The subsequent interactions between the two dudes was done on Teamspeak, which falls outside of CCP’s jurisdiction.

Secondly, I think that the member of CSM who started this drama exercised poor judgment in writing what he did about the entire situation.

Perhaps the scammer is a sociopath. Perhaps he IS a terrible person in real life. But it has been my general experience that someone who records such an interaction and posts it publicly does so for one basic purpose:

To get attention.

And the last thing you want to give such an instigator is exactly what he wants.

Furthermore, dealing with such a situation in such a manner almost always results in the situation becoming worse for the victim, and Riperd Teg should have honestly known better.

Two hours of ridicule and rage is one thing. And perhaps, a very bad thing. But how much worse to have the general community analyzing, listening to, and discussing the entire thing ad naseum at your expense?

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