Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Testing the Waters

Those who thought the Minmatar civil war would quickly fizzle out were probably disappointed as both sides drew first blood yesterday, and activity escalated into an all-out battleship assault later in the evening.

The Winmatar side almost immediately brought in a neutral Thanatos to aid their battleship fleet in addition to their guardians and oneiroses. It was immediately called primary by the Weazl&Co fleet and died in a fire –but not before Winmatar played the batphone card, calling in a large Shadow Cartel fleet to aid them.

Considering the kind of assets that could potentially come into play during this war –considerably different from militia's normal fare--it was only a matter of time before an outside low-sec group got involved. However, I’m very surprised at how quickly Winmatar played this particular hand.

Shadow Cartel almost immediately proclaimed regret at assisting Winmatar during the engagement as opposed to merely coming as a third party. They ended up leaving with a rather depressing handful of kills, as the Weazl&Co fleet managed to disengage itself and get the majority of their assets off the field.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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  1. They also batphoned Suddenly Spaceships earlier in the day, and Suddenly lost a cruiser fleet. I think it's pretty clear how Winmatar feels about their chances given how much help they called in on the first day.