Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Going to War

There’s nothing to dust off doldrums like a good old fashioned war. And the Minmatar militia, who are already under siege by the growing Amarrian plex farmer masses, are about to get a double dose.

Militias have always been fractious. You have groups who do not speak to each other, and others that go to war with each other here and there for various reasons.

This is different, and potentially one of the largest scale civil wars that I have ever witnessed in Faction War. The entire militia is literally being rendered in half, one side against the other. People are drawing lines, choosing sides, and nearly a dozen wardecs between major groups have already been declared. Even role playing groups, who almost never get involved in inter-militia conflict for role-playing reasons, are declaring their support against ‘the traitors of the Republic’ and wardeccing other Minmatar.

I have heard many stories and opinions as to what brought about current hostilities. The actual events most seem to agree on. Though the motivation and justification of those events are up for much debate.

Biohazard, a relatively newer Minmatar group and an already established power within militia, recently started an offensive against POSes belonging to friendly Minmatar militia, in an effort, they claim, to gain certain moons for ISK making purposes. Their reasoning, as I understand, is that there are certain groups within militia that do not pull their weight—and therefore do not have the right to control and benefit from certain POS locations.

The other side of the story is that these smaller groups feel as though they are being ‘bullied’ by Winmatar. “They don’t have the right just to take whatever they want just because they perceive that someone isn’t performing for the warzone as they should be.”

Arguably two valid viewpoints, and the perfect catalyst for war--A civil war that could potentially fizzle out in a few short days, or could lead to something else entirely.


  1. seems like any other war. a corp wants to take moons that other people have claimed. they fight over it. the spoils go to the victor. it does seems kind of stupid to claim that it has anything to do with pulling weight in militia. since there is no organized structure to militia nor is there any long term goal or victory. that just sounds like an excuse. biohazard wants the moons to make isk and they think they can take said moons. war. Are we taking sides, Susan? is LNA going to appreciate? if we we do, it seems like it would just be to get some fights. I don't suppose we care if biohazard or someone else holds a random mining moon.

    1. I totally meant participate, not appreciate...

  2. Ok, susan. I decided to actually read alliance mail. I guess we are gonna fight! woohoo! go team us!

  3. Go team us indeed. Already a few fights, including one that brought down a Thanny... Let's just hurry and wipe the floor with them so we can get back to frig pewpew.