Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Auto Piloting 'Round the Christmas Tree

Tis that season again. After a move across country, this Christmas has been about a lot less traveling (now that I actually live near family) and more about chillaxing. In between helping cook the green bean casserole, and present wrapping, I've been sneaking in some time to restock the alliance shop, as well as take care of some trade projects which were getting out of control.

I did have an amusing conversation with my 11 year old nephew. It went something like this...

Nephew: "Is Minecraft the only game you play?"
Me: "No, I play some spaceship game too."
Nephew: "SPACESHIPS?!?!?"
Me: "Yep"
Nephew: "What do you do in it? "
Me: "Well, all sorts of things. I fly spaceships. I build some spaceships, and of course I shoot other peoples' spaceships."
Nephew: "REALLY?? You shoot them? Are the spaceships big?"
Me: "Some are big and some are small."
Nephew: "What is the BIGGEST spaceship??"
Me: "In this game, the biggest spaceship is called a titan."
Nephew: "Do you have a titan?"
Me: "Haha, no.
Nephew: "Why not?"
Me: "Because I don't really want one."
Nephew: "Are there spaceships that go really really fast?"
Me: "Yeah. Some go pretty fast."
Nephew: "How fast?"
Me: "Uhhh...."
Nephew: "Can you shoot missiles?"
Me: "Yep. Little missiles. Big missiles. Rockets...Torpedoes..."
Nephew: "Torpedoes? Torpedoes only go under water."
Me: "Well, in this game we shoot torpedoes in space."
Nephew: "Oh." (Thinks for a minute.) "Can I play?!?!"

Sister-in-law: "NO!"
Me: "Uh, probably better not."
(I let him play Candy Crush on my Kindle instead...lol)


Got online and did a little pew last night. It was weird...as we were warping to the plex to fight the Amarr, I was chatting with the Amarr in local about our Minecraft server. lol Have a few plans for expanding my castle as well as some plans for the new year for expanding the alliance shop in EVE.

Anyway, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! And many explosions come 2014 =D