Thursday, November 14, 2013

Minmatar Republic, Why You No Like Us?

Last night was amusing in Late Night, as people logged on to discover we were no longer in militia.
Unfortunately, we had experienced a rather inconvenient bug where if more than one corporation is threatening the alliance standings, it is possible to only get warned about one of them and not know about the other until the alliance has already been kicked. So, we were rather unceremoniously removed from Faction War with no warning.

The Amarr seemed to pick up on this early and promptly began attacking our home system of Huola in full force, with it reaching 30% contestation at one point –the highest it has been since I can remember, to be honest.  Between this, trying to organize a few blues to sort friendly people out, and dealing with threats by Late Nighters wishing to go on a Minmatar killing spree while they still could…our alliance director, Gritz1, was probably pulling out his hair most of the evening.

This was soon forgotten when we received an invite by 7-2 to join in an op to ‘save a POCO.’ (It was more of an op to kill what came to kill the POCO, then to actually save it. =p )

Some pointed out that while our home was under attack, we probably shouldn’t be gallivanting up to Molden Heath. But after an hour or two of pre-op plexing, everyone was ready to get the hell out of dodge for a while.

(I was informed that the only thing more boring than orbiting a button in militia, is orbiting a button when you’re NOT in militia…)

Anyway, I will not go into full detail of the evening’s time line. Sugar Kyle does a good job of that here. In the end, we killed a few dreads, and lost all of our fleet's in the process, as well as two triage carriers. The 7-2 guys seemed completed unconcerned with losing the capitals. (At one point, someone reminded them they were supposed to be raging about it and so several of them attempted to go off on a ‘tirade’ –in between fits of laughter….which was very amusing to listen to.)

The Late Night crew was excited about getting in on a bigger fight then we usually see in the warzone, getting dread kills, and generally having a good time. I have to admit, we clean up pretty good. Everyone left their thrashers and ruptures in the Bleak Lands and exchanged them for Hacs, Tech 3 cruisers, and command ships --all of which have been sitting in our hangers getting dusty.

I tried out a Sacrilege for the first time. It has been sitting in my hanger but I’ve never had the opportunity to use it. Needless to say, me and that sac are probably going to be spending some quality time together in the future now that we have been properly introduced.

Anyway, I would be surprised if we weren’t back into militia fairly quickly, if we aren’t already. Though, there were a lot of ‘interesting’ ideas floating around about what to do in the future:

1. Join Gallente. Honestly, not a bad idea for us. All our Gallente standings are really high I believe, so we wouldn’t have to worry constantly about getting kicked from militia.

2. Let the Amarr have Huola and join Caldari. I’m presuming this idea was more or less a joke…lol

3. Not return to Faction War at all. I’m fairly certain a good 50% of the alliance would not be opposed to this. Everyone is highly sick of button orbiting and thrasher flying. The other half would probably leave in a huff. Silly role players.

Either way, I’m fairly certain we’re in Huola to stay. I’m not sure there are enough freighters in the game to move us…lol. And with the Amarr and various neutrals banging down our door, it’s looking like it’s going to be a very interesting, and bloody weekend.


  1. im more interested in how does that happened? without any warning? that is strange

  2. What ended up happening? Did you do something to lower your standing with the Minmatar and that was the result?