Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love at First Flight

I have a confession to make.

I bought an overpriced, SOE frigate last night, because I was impatient and wanted to try one of the new ships.

Now, normally when I try out a new ship, I play in EFT a while, test it in fleet situations, go hunting, and etc. Trying out this ship was different, in that I actually spent a good half an hour just flying it to fly it.

I flew it through and around the station. If you move just the right way, you can almost do a barrel roll….

I slowed it down, then sped it up to hear the new MWD sounds rev up. Vrooooom.

I warped to various safe spots on grid to see it suddenly bolt ahead in a burst of speed.

I drove it right at alliance mates who were undocking, ramming into them, and then went speeding off and cloaking. Now you see me! Now you don’t….

I think I am in love.


  1. Damnit now I HAVE to get one. I was thinking I could put it off a little while until the prices came down.

  2. That made me smile. I think I can still hold off getting one though until the prices get to more settled levels.