Sunday, November 10, 2013

[Job Security]

There's a lot of steps to running a ship fitting service. You have to figure out how you're going to fit the ships --what ammo to include, or etc. You have to anticipate how many you need to keep in stock. Too many, and you're pretty much locking up ISK that could be used to stock ships that will sell faster. Too few, and you lose selling opportunities.

Then you have to settle on a price, purchase the ships and all the modules and charges, move them to the site where you are selling, fit them, and create a whole bunch of contracts.

It sounds somewhat simple, if not mind numbing, and to someone who's business minded it might be considered somewhat interesting. However, at each step of the way, there always seems to be a game mechanic, or lack thereof the promises to hit you in the face with a brick.

First, is the ship buying. Market hubs tend to be really laggy, with the market sort of delaying in between buying items. And there you are, going through each item of each ship trying to buy everything you need and not mess up the quantities.

It would be awesome if you could simply to a 'Buy All' on a fit. It would come up with a total price for everything so you could kind of make sure someone isn't really stiffing you and it's around what you were expecting. Then, you can put in a quantity.

50 Thrasher fits? Yes, please. Like magic, the fittings are all deposited in your hanger, and you can get yourself on the business of playing EVE, and not mind numbingly buying things while fighting the lag.

And then, the fitting of the ships. Right now, someone who fits ships in bulk has to not only fit each one individually, but they also have to right click-->assemble ship for each individual ship. Imagine if you could right click-->assemble all? And then highlight a whole bunch of ship hulls, and click 'fit' on your fitting screen, and have the system attempt to fit each one, one at a time, automatically? (Obviously if you mess up and pick the wrong ship it will give you all the same messages it did before when it gets to that one.)

Then, on to the contract making. If only there was some way to easily set up multiple identical contracts. Kind of like a saved fitting, or overview settings. Then, instead of going through the multi pages of contract setting-up of death, you can just say --okay UI, make me 10 of these contracts. If it can't find an item in needs, it throws you a warning message. And at the end, you can complete each one individually.


I can tell you, that in my 3,500+ contracts I've set up since starting the store, I have grown to loathe the contract system.

I already mentioned the pain of creating tons of contracts. Sadly, setting up contracts to your alliance, from a corporation, is considered public contracting. So the contracts are limited from your public contract pool. Yeah --you can set up 500 contracts as an individual to your corporation without ANY skills. But you're limited to 60 something as a corporation to your alliance.

It seems to me that a corporation should be able to make MORE than an individual, intuitively. Not to mention that setting things up to your alliance isn't at all a public contract.

Beyond actually creating contracts, is also the keeping track of the contracts. The GUI for doing this gives you plenty of completely useless information, and a lack of the things you actually want to know.
Like, how much the contract sold for? It's like looking at you market transactions and having it hide all the prices that people paid. Maddening? Certainly.

But of course, there MUST be a column for 'Status' even though you specified the status above so you know what they are all going to be anyway. Redundant? Definitely.

Also, a column for the description you entered would be peachy. Being able to glance at my finished contracts and immediately see I sold 10 thrashers, 2 mallers, and a hurricane in the last 24 hours? Sweet. Having to highlight my mouse over each individual item so I can begin to see what it is beyond '[Multiple Items]' not cool, CCP.

Anyway, I have decided that I don't really get paid for fitting peoples' ships for them. I get paid to fight the game mechanics for people --to do things that are mind numbing and frustrating so others don't have to.
Should things be better? Sure. But for now, it's job security.


  1. You can assemble ships by double clicking on unassembled ships. Also, you can select multiple stacks of packaged ships and assemble one of each stacks.

    1. that is still two clicks, just like right clicking and selecting

    2. It doesn't require fine motor skills or as much hand-eye coordination and takes a fraction of the time.

    3. If you can select menu points at the same speed as double clicking, more power to you. For most of us double clicking is a significant speed-up.

  2. Open fitting window , browse , fit.

    1. Yes, you can do that. But you have to do it to each ship individually, after individually assembling and boarding them. And you have to create and save a reference fit in-game first if you want to include ammo/charges/drones.

  3. As far as contracting goes you can copy a contract that you previously made which will save you a few clicks. Granted you can't do 10 at a time, but still if you're making 10 of the same it's a lot easier to copy one than click through 10.

    1. The copy contract is well hidden :-)

      Open an existing contract, on the lower left corner, there is a stripes-box. This is a menu which contains an option to create a new contract based on the open one.

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