Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infuriating Stereotypes

I was going to write a thing. But it all came down to something rather simple, in the end:

I'd rather be blowing things up then analyzing the philosophical subtleties of what constitutes a 'real' pirate.

So, once you are finished deciding how to categorize yourself and others, please come fight me. Maybe?


  1. Pirates are anyone I decide to shoot

  2. Come fight you? Why don't you come fight us! We're in Pertnineere on holiday, it'll be an adventure! You even get to travel 0.0 for 6 entire jumps. Here I generated you a map: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/route/3:Huola:Pertnineere because I'm a helpful soul.

    Otherwise (once were home in mother molden) I can generally be found north of Isbrabata-Eiszur-Gulmorogod line, solo, look for a breacher coming out of the sun, on the 9th hour after downtime on a weekday, if you listen closely there'll be cheesy 80's music.

    See you soon, much love,


  3. For some reason I just saw this reblogged and linked to my post today; sorry to be so late to comment. Didn't realize I had touched such a nerve, but not everyone has my sense of humor. We come to fight the FW types all the time.