Monday, August 26, 2013


People are probably wondering what the big deal is about Sahtogas. It's just some random system in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, right?

Well, mostly right. It is also the only system that the Minmatar have never been able to take. Back when the Minmatar tried to take the entire warzone, we came up one system short. You guessed it --Sahtogas. The inhabitants would plex non-stop during our weaker time zones so that when we logged in the next day, voila! The system was stable again. Not a bad strategy if you're trying to protect a FW system from superior numbers.

Last night, an operation lead by Biohazard was successful in flipping the system. We got a few fights out of the Amarr for the effort, which is always worth the effort. In fact, in my book it might be one of the only reasons that the effort of taking a system is worth the effort.

Not to mention that killing the crazy Amarr dudes was a lot more fun than watching yet another neutral group that outnumbers us 3 to 1 run away in fear. I know--usually I'm onto the Amarr for being risk adverse. But I tell you what. Some of the neutral groups I've seen the last few weeks make the Amarr look like a fleet of Leroy Jenkins' on crack.

The first Amarr group that attacked us was obviously not even there to take the field. They just killed as many faction frigates and shiny things as they could before they exploded in a huge plume of fire.

Now that is a good use for a bunch of tech 1 frigates. Not slinking about the Otelen gate and running like cockroaches in the light when a Late Night member appears....on a shuttle. Heaven forbid that your 5 mil ISK ship DIE. Okay, so that might be an exaggeration but you get the picture.

Anyway. Minmatar now have Tier 3, and took a whole bunch more systems today which will be in our hands by downtime tomorrow. Biohazard told me pretty outright last night that they intend to take the entire warzone. And you know what? I believe they will probably succeed. I'd be surprised if we didn't have Tier 4 by the middle of the week. Whether people push for Tier 5 or not ---well, we shall see. It's very, very expensive compared to what you get. You'd have to maintain it a very long time to get paid back the cost of getting there. (TLDR: Tier 5 isn't really worth it)

Either way, it's time to replenish my stock of Stabber Fleet Issues. Buahahaha


  1. we didnt want those systems anyway.

  2. There are interesting times ahead. AFAIK, this will be the first time that allied militia's will make a push at the same time. I wonder what will happen when there isn't cross-warzone plexing to maintain keep the LP flowing. Either way, I'm plexing in Gallente/Caldari space with both Minmatar and Gallente toons. As you said, you need to keep the SFI's flowing as well and I'm down to less than 10 of them.

  3. Whats more amusing is flyinghotpocket spurging all over the forums about how the Amarr already won and thus it doesnt matter, ignoring the fact that even when the Amarr were winning his guys pushed one corp out of one system then fucked off to ride bikes somewhere completely irrelevant.

    Gotta love some of the morons who play this game.