Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Low-Sec: Pirate Factions

I was starting to comment on Rixx's post regarding pirate factions in low-sec, and it got so long, I decided that I might as well make a post of my own about it.

The ability to join Pirate Factions is an idea that has been tossed around for years. I've heard a number of variations ranging from Faction War-like setups, to something more casual.

In Rixx's implementation, eligibility to join these pirate Factions would be directly correlated to security status. Furthermore, these faction groups would be at war with the current four factions of Faction War.

While I generally like the idea of being able to join other factions in EVE besides the four you can join currently, I have a few issues with this particular implementation:

1. Being a pirate is not the same as being an outlaw, even though in general conversation we might interchange the terminology. Out suspect timers, criminal flags, and all the mechanics surrounding why and how we lose security status has absolutely nothing to do with the pirate factions of EVE.

2. NPC Pirate factions is not currently a 'low-sec' thing. The only aspect that kind of makes it seem like a low-sec thing is the correlation that was made between outlaws (who generally live in low-sec) and piracy. A correlation which is incorrect.

NPC Pirate factions actually have strong ties to NPC null-sec, with 'bases' in places like Fountain and Curse. Furthermore, you can already run pirate missions out in NPC null-sec for NPC Pirate LP to purchase a variety of NPC pirate items and ships.

I'm not sure it really even makes sense to think of NPC pirate groups as a low-sec mechanic, in general.

3. Pitting all the pirates against all the factions has some rather problematic storyline and player driven content issues:

-It doesn't necessarily make sense in the Lore of these factions to be at 'war' with all four Faction War factions.

-There is a substantial group of 'pirates' (outlaws) in Faction War who have a culture all of their own. There are definite undertones of 'renegade' militia, black sheep sorts, and anti-pirates, etc. There is occasionally friction between these groups, and the very real feeling of a 'fractured' militia at times.

The point being, CCP defining piracy in these sorts of political terms would trample all over player generated content in ways you can't really understand unless you are in militia. :)

4. As Rixx states openly in his post, this implementation really doesn't open the door to any new sort of gameplay. In fact, anything and everything you would gain from doing this is already attainable.

You can already join a faction, be a bad outlaw, and get LP for killing stuff. You can already kill militia in plexes. Heck, you can kill your own militia if you have alts to keep your corp's standings up. ;)

In many ways, I feel like this is a suggestion to provide a way for people to get all the benefits of FW without the stigma. Because ew, why would an elite pirate want to join a Faction War militia? They are silly noobs.

In conclusion, I think that there are probably other ways we can invigorate and improve low-sec without redefining current mechanics and lore.


  1. I completely agree with you. And I'm a pirate. I think my reward is that I can shoot whoever I like and owe allegiance to no empire. As much as it would be nice to get extra rewards for doing what I already do, I don't think that is warranted.

  2. Elite?

    I simply have no interest in spending my time fighting a 'war' against someone for a NPCs goals for a war I have no interest in.

    I guess I should wander off and write my reasons why I dislike FW for noobs...

    1. It is a common misconception that everyone (or even most people) in FW even care about the NPC war. Most people in Faction War are there for the pew pew. Many people in Minmatar could care less about the war itself. Being in militia means a free wardec, and for pirates --LP for doing what we do already. Killing People. =)

    2. Agreed. I'm in FW, but I'm also a pirate. I get phat lest from kills, and I get paid to look for fights in plexes, plus bonus if the victim is caldari or Amarr. Why wouldn't I be in FW and a pirate all at the same time? Seems silly not to.

      Also helps that people assume folk in the militias are noobs, so it probably gets me more fights too.

    3. It is not that I think everyone is obsessed with the war or cares about the war. But, the attachment to an NPC focus such as the war irritates some people and is quite distasteful. I'm one of those people. I don't assume that everyone is soaked in role play screaming in the native tongue of their empire faction.

      I simply do not want to be involved in it. It is the reason why I argue against all of low sec being one big FW machine. It is not that I do not think I could not do what I do or that there is some stigma attached to FW. It is something that I do not want. At all. Not for ISK or LP or a free war dec.

    4. It's fine not to like militia or have any interest in FW. My primary point when I referred to 'elite pirates' was that joining a 'pirate' faction in the context of the above mechanics was no different then being in a Faction War militia, except that it sounds 'cooler.'

      If someone wants to be a part of a faction, get LP for kills and other actions, and etc..then that's something that's already available for someone to do without introducing Pirate factions or etc. =)

  3. cuz you know soooo many ppl are in npc null right now running missions..........oh wait. and there are no lvl 5 pirate missions those would have to be in low unless u want to move the others to npc we could take something no one is using and give ppl a reason to be -10 (or at least below -5)or you know just leave it how it is cuz its so good.......i think all of it needs to go out including FW all they did was turn it into a carebear event at least b4 all the changes ppl in FW actually fought in fleets and shit. Whens the last time there as been an FW cap battle? TBH most ppl are in FW for the LP gain thats why the population got huge all the sudden. its not about pvp its about pve and its just sad. The other side is that if u make it all about pvp ccp would have to find a way to make sure it doesnt get exploited and thats just too much work. tbh tho something should be done with the pirate factions they are pretty useless as is i thought that was the kind of shit they were trying to fix. tbh as a noob i wanted to do stuff with the npc pirate factions i still have a rifter out at kife-z i was trying to grind blood radier stats in like a month after i started. Turned out to be just the first of disappointments in eve pve but the pvp keeps me hooked.