Saturday, June 15, 2013

Late Night Alliance to Join the HBC

In a beautifully expressed, moving speech last night, Late Night leadership announced that we would be going to war. Well, more so then we are already, being in militia and such.

After Fweddit's announcement that they would be departing the warzone to assist their Goon brethren, (ie: their mains), it was decided that it was our responsibility, and also the right time for LNA to enter the theater of serious internet spaceship politics.

And therefore, we officially announce our support, and allegiance to the HBC.

"It is time." declared Late Night's CEO in the rousing speech that had LNA members clapping for several minutes afterwards. "It is TIME for us to show the rest of EVE what we are made of.

We have grown strong as an alliance in the war against the Amarr.
We have grown strong as Minmatar, building our assets and increasing our monetary holdings for the past two years.
Low-sec can no longer hold us. We bust at the seams of boundaries that limit and contain us. We have outgrown Empire. We have outgrown Faction War. We march toward new goals, new horizons, and boundless opportunities.
The road to nullsec will be paved with the blood of our enemies. We. will. prevail. The trumpets of victory sound before us.
To War!"

Team speak erupted in both applause and chaos after this announcement. Many Late Night members were not aware of the direction the alliance would be taking, and not all were happy about leaving Huola.

"How far away does the HBC live?" Asked one Late Nighter. "How are we going to move all our stuff there? It's going to take thousands of freighter jumps. I do not think that the alliance leadership has really thought through the logistics of how we're going to make this happen."

 "Do we even know what we need to bring?" asked one confused pilot. "Do we have intel on what size plexes they have in null-sec?"

"What is HBC?"

Several members of Late Night who have been AFK for a long period of time returned for the occasion. One such member will be heading up the war effort --a pilot by the name of 'Sneaky Noob.' His primary responsibilities will be to arrange diplomatic relationships with the HBC, address standings issues, and take care of diplomacy during this transition. All questions and concerns can be directed toward him.

While it was expected that LNA would mostly follow a Stabber Fleet Issue fleet doctrine, I can safely share that our Industrial alts have been working overtime, even before the announcement was made, in the production of large quantities of Thrashers.

Just tell us where you need us, HBC, and our thrashers will blot out the sun.

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*Please keep watch for future articles, and general news about our important movements within Fountain, which are sure to follow this announcement and be reported on such journalistic sites as 


  1. Pretty hilarious, but HBC has been dead for a month or two.

    1. Unironically, I am a Test Member and the HBC is long dead.

    2. Hi, this is true, Susan. The coalition that used to be known as the Honeybadger Coalition broke up. Test went it's own way along with alliance Tribe and Raiden. (which shortly after disbanded). The remnants rebranded themselves as the Dinner Squad or some such under Phreeze, Sort Dragon and Bobmon. There was a split within the Dinner Squad and they are now calling themselves Ex Cinere Scriptorum or some such and fly with Test.

      Anyway whoever you're with best of luck and keep writing!

  2. lol and *yawn* , your blogs so full or butthurt lately... just dont, please!

    - Joni Hariere

  3. Not sure if trolling or just ignorant...

  4. When trolls go wrong


  5. I see Mitten's Propaganda Squad got to your blog. Guys it would be a bit more believable if you weren't all Anons.

    It's interesting to compare your post with Poetic Stanziel's recent post on the move of Fweddit into nullsec on side of the CFC. Both of you indirectly claimed that you had demolished the other. But with both Fweddit and LNA out of Faction warfare, it'll be interesting who steps up in FW to fill the void.

  6. In other news, Iron Oxide are joining Band of Brothers.