Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Did You do to my Warzone?

A random pic I found that Gald made last year...
I admit, prior to logging in for the first time in a month or so, I considered pursuing a career other than Faction War.

Perhaps it is a perfect time to take a break, since I've been out of the loop so long anyway. I told myself.

But Late Night, and Faction War in some respects, is kind of like the Hotel California to me. I can check out (or go afk for an extended period of time) but I have a terrible time leaving. Even if the thought does cross my mind now and again. (EVE itself is like that, isn't it?)

I was shocked to see the price of Stabber Fleets, until I realized we only have 15 systems left. The Amarr have certainly been busy while I've been away. Or should I say the Russian farming alts have been busy? Or do they only control the warzone when the Minmatar are winning? It's hard to get it straight sometimes. The Russians. The Goons. I think, if I skimmed the FW blogs accurately enough, the Russians are why the Minmatar win, and an organized effort to take over the warzone is why the Amarr win.

You think I'm being snarky, and I imagine now is when all the Amarr skip the rest of my post to immediately comment on what a horrible person I am for 'not reporting the facts' or something or other. But in all honesty, I'm not sure I disagree with the effort assessment as far as plexing is concerned. I've seen enough blank stares in the past from alliance mates whenever a 'plexing effort' is mentioned. Though, having been gone so long, I cannot really dismiss there may have been an effort of some sort. Or caring. Also, pigs have probably flown while I was away, etc.

The Amarr have tier 4, and it's about time. They need it. They need to rebuild and get more people. Recuperate their years of losses --both in manpower, assets, isk, and morale. Not for their own sakes mind you. I'm not going to propose we all hold hands now and sing Kum Ba Yah. Shalee Lianne and I will not be huddled in a corner somewhere twittering about cute boys and sharing Twilight fan fiction.

The Amarr fought long and hard, considering, but things were starting to get a bit sparse there just before I went AFK. The Minmatar had Tier 4 for weeks, and even gained Tier 5 for a while, if I remember correctly. And the Amarr militia was bleeding pilots at an alarming rate. It will be nice to have the challenge of taking everything back --of having more people to shoot at. To get the war on.

And, people in alliance who haven't logged in for months are coming back. I was surprised to see so many people on coms so early. We jumped into a fleet and had a merry time blowing things up. (And getting blown up.)

I admit, when I saw we only had a little more than a dozen systems, there was no leaving for me. Things are just starting to get fun. Well, starting again. =p

I'm back, and back to stay.

On another note, I did this thing before I went AFK that involved Minmatar faction ships and buy orders. When you have Tier 4 for weeks, and then start peaking Tier 5, your Faction's store items tend to drop in price a bit. I was buying them at ridiculous prices. I think SFI's were starting to go below 40 mil.

I have oodles of them. Oodles. And I giggled a little internally ( I giggled a little out loud too if you must know) when I saw their current prices. I'd like to say it was some sort of conscious trading scheme, but it was actually just a mistake. I had very different plans for those ships that I didn't have time to fulfill before real life took over for a while.

Plans change. ;)

Anyway, I still have the basics to get caught up on. Like, who won the CSM?  And did they present anything outrageous at Fanfest? Or give anything away that I should be jealous of? Did lots of freighters die during Burn Jita? Did any alliances implode? Were there any major corp thefts? Have any of the Goons biomassed themselves yet? Tags for sec...good or bad? I don't know, I don't know.

I better go get reading. Or... go buy something shiny. buahahaha

Shiny stuffs, come to mama.


  1. SFIs rose to 70mil this weekend for some reason and are slowly going back to 50mil (I hope)

  2. Welcome back Susan, I was wondering where'd you'd gone. Anyway the coffee break is over and it's time to get back to work - there's a new sheriff in town "Biohazard." and they're looking forward to flying with you guys - urrr I mean girls - urrr I mean guys - oh whatever:-) Anyway welcome back...

  3. I sure wish biohazard doesnt get involved with lna , and we may have ballsy opponent growin there.

    -Joni Hariere

  4. Scythe fleet issues are a better investment right now. 30k LP going to 45k LP on the 4th. They will be very popular with their buff.


  5. Glad you're back, I already started missing my weekly dose of Minmatar propaganda!

    Pretty much all that was available was the occasional angry post by Gritz on Reddit :(

    - Maegor Stark