Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miles to Go

It's been an interesting few weeks. I've unfortunately not had a whole lot of time to play, due to an upcoming major release at work, and a scheduled move across the country in a few weeks. (Packing your whole life and moving 1,500 miles away takes a considerable amount of time and effort, believe it or not!)

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to Warzone Control, though a quick look at the map tells me the Minmatar are still very firmly maintaining upper tiers. With all that LP flying around, I bet it won't take long after the June expansion before you're seeing those faction Hurricanes around every corner of EVE. ;)

The Amarr are not doing very well at all. Predator Elite's corporation left. He did not represent very many numbers, but he was the primary force in Kamela --the closest Amarrian stronghold near our own home. Pred's group didn't leave, as some may guess, because we took Kamela, but because he apparently wanted to shoot Fweddit.

Before I went semi-inactive there was a huge diplomatic incident, where Fweddit took down neutral capitals who were actually assisting the Amarr militia. Not a good way to make friends, by any means. But from what I know, an honest mistake.  While Fweddit and Predator Elite's group never shared much love, an all out Amarrian civil war was just one more thing to add to laundry list of things going wrong for that faction.

I love my alliance. We're too lazy to have much drama these days. We did lose a corp because of some difference of opinion. But, there wasn't a whole lot of drama about it from what I could tell.

Anyway, I better unmute my speakers and see what my alliance mates are shooting at. But, before I do....100 million skillpoints! <does a little dance> Sadly, I wasn't training anything interesting when I rolled 9 figures. Some compensation skill I've been procrastinating on. But it's still a fun milestone. I wonder where I will be, and what I will be doing, and what I will have done when I roll the next 100.


  1. Congrats on 100k sp. That's dedication.

  2. Congrats on 100M! I'm 85M right behind you :)


  3. You should bring a fleet down to Rahadalon some day. BNI is always looking for fights.

  4. "Before I went semi-inactive there was a huge diplomatic incident, where Fweddit took down neutral capitals who were actually assisting the Amarr militia."

    I just wanted to clarify your intel so you have the accurate information on events instead of the he said i think this happened bullet points...

    1. Fweddit engages pirate BS gang.
    2. Pirate BS gang starts losing ships.
    3. Pirate BS gang drops archon.
    4. Pirate gang still losing ships.
    5. Pirate gang calls in help of blue allys. 2nd archon drops in (nuetral)
    6. Fweddit drops dreads and kills all the things.
    7. Pred elite starts convo 30 min after fight yelling about how the second archon was his.
    8. We ask why he didnt let us know and why was he helping a pirate gang with a nuetral archon?
    9. Continues mad butthurt and tells us to replace his nuetral archon that we didnt know was his becuase he never told anyone.
    10. Fweddit laughs. Pred elite quits amarr FW.
    11. Fweddit doesnt care, more targets to shoot. and Who docks in Kamela anyways?

    Please gather accurate information before posting rumors.


    Rommell Drako
    No Moar Tears

  5. She never actually gathers facts, Rommell. She's not a journalist by any stretch of the word. She's not even much of a blogger.

  6. Arzad fell today. Amarr Victor and all.