Monday, January 28, 2013

Friends and Old Enemies

It is a good time to be Minmatar.

You may scratch your head, as many –specifically the Amarr in our local channels and elsewhere –seem to think that being Minmatar right now must be a trial. We have slowly lost 2/3 of our space, and have dropped to tier 2 warzone control. Some days…we cannot hope to produce half the numbers the Amarr bring to our doorstep.

But what we lack in systems we more than make up in target opportunities. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a warzone more ripe with Amarr to kill.

A short roam yields much in the way of small gang engagements, and simply camping a gate one jump from our home system can yields dozens of kills in a single evening. To top it off, the warzone is like a paradise for solo pvpers –with interesting opportunities around every corner.

To be completely honest with you, Late Night, specifically, is having a ball. Sometimes, it’s hard to get other things done –fitting up ships, logistics, etc –because there always seems to be some sort of pvp engagement about to happen somewhere. Sometimes, multiple sets of targets are reported in several systems –forcing us to actually prioritize where we’re going to go, and who we’re going to kill first. (An odd problem to have, I know…)

“Okay, we’ll go after those cruisers in Lamaa first, then we’ll chase out that plexing party in Huola, and if the guys in Labapi are still there, we’ll go there afterwards…”

I finally whipped our alliance shop back into working order. It’s been struggling since Christmas –especially with all the ship changes. It used to be I could throw up some ruptures and thrashers and people would be more or less happy…but now, people want to fly all sorts of things. Frigates and cruisers and tech 1 logi…

And as soon as I started putting up the contracts this weekend, my alliance mates fell upon them like fiends. I think I sold half the Stabber Fleets within a few hours, and many of the frigates sell like penny candy. Though, I suppose to most of LNA, frigates ARE pretty much penny candy.

Anyway, it will be funny to see “Susan Black’s xyz” in space again….and if we all die in a fire, a bunch of Susan Black’s wrecks. (What’s really fun is when people give me back ‘my’ loot…even if I didn’t actually die…lol!) I was laughing at what I saw in scan the other night, and an alliance mate finally piped up…”Sue, you laugh at us being lazy for not renaming our ships…but maybe we leave them on purpose because we love you.”

Awwww . I can’t argue with that one…

Anyway, you may remember a while back when I said interesting times are coming. I was somewhat referring to the return of an old friend –Predator Elite –into Amarr Faction War. Indeed, he has moved next door to us, and has been regularly leading fleets, it seems.

While peoples’ opinions on him and his abilities are mixed, his previous success in pulling together the Amarr in the past is undisputed. However, he’s not returning to a completely unorganized or leaderless militia. And how these different groups work together –or against each other –is something I’m observing with some interest.

We already know there are internal problems within the Amarr militia –even a wardec or two between some of the vets and newer guys. I suspect there is more going on than even we really know about.

The Amarr can’t afford a major setback. Their victory is yet in its infancy stage, and their increased morale is still fragile. One major defeat, and all they’ve worked for could easily unravel.

And the Minmatar…well….we are very, very good at exploiting the weakness of our enemies.



  1. See, It is fun to have a lot of targets and a ton of systems to plex! You thought we were just making that up before, didn't you?

    I look forward to the Minmatar flipping most of that the Amarr have taken. Although I hope that it takes a few weeks.

    I am also looking forward to the SFI vs ONI fleets that I hope will happen once all of the regular Amarr (Not farmers) have made some ISK.

    All in all I think that the fights on both sides will be more fun and I hope that there will be less complaining now that the Amarr are having a turn with more systems.

  2. LNA is notorious for having a very short leash. You usually have to go more then one system in any direction from your home to exploit anything.


    1. lol
      We, too, joke among ourselves about how we're too lazy to leave Huola. I was actually curious and went and did some math. Over 26% of our kills are in Huola!

      However, over 51% of Fweddit's kills are in Egghelende, according to their kb, so I'd say we're not doing that bad.