Friday, January 25, 2013

Heres and Theres and Everywheres

The last few nights have been rather crazy for kills in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone. One particular gate has been labeled “the gate that gives” due to the sheer number of kills we get just camping it for a while.

Kamela, a system long held by the Amarr, was at over 50% contested last night. The Amarr are keen on defending it, (or so it seems) so this weekend things may get a little intense in the area. However, I couldn't help but notice the frogs (ie: movers) in system, and the carriers jumping in and out. So maybe they intend to abandon it after all.

Earlier in the night me, and two alliance mates –Blackbeard and Nano J –had us a lively roam around the Arzad pipe. We had two kitey condors and an arty thrasher –actually a really good mix it would seem. We had a pretty good run for kills, and a rather hearty laugh at the 8 man gang that ran from us inside a plex. We figured 8…and 3…they would probably fight us, since why else would 8 people be plexing in one plex? (It’s not particularly efficient if you’re entire purpose is making LP!) but…no such luck.

In fact, now I understand what things must have been like for the Amarr months ago…to wander around the warzone and see all those wartargets out plexing, most of whom don’t seem particularly interested in fighting you.

Some more alliance members were logging on and some wartargets were reported in and around Kourmonen, so we made a beeline for home –heading through the Auga area. Sure enough, there seemed to be a bunch of Fweddit and/or Fweddit’s alliance heading toward Auga from Kourm. They didn’t seem like they were especially expecting to see us and initially attempted to warp away. We managed to catch one of them.

They apparently saw we only had a handful of frigs and dessies and decided to come back. It was a bit…confusing…at first. A few of us had warped away thinking nothing was going to happen, and then we came back because they came back –and then we weren’t sure again if they were fighting since they all jumped back into Kourm.

But, the gloves came off and drones came out in Kourm. We made a run at them, and they made a run at us, and a bit of fun happened. It was a big gate, and we were all in small stuff, so everyone was tearing around everywhere catching things and trying not to get caught and etc.  Explosions happened on both sides, and it was highly amusing.

We eventually held field, though I got a bit cranky with an alliance mate who had shipped up to a cruiser. Defending a plex is one thing –or defending friends who need help. But in this situation, it didn’t seem right to ship up and I made sure he knew I thought as much. (I’m usually pretty forthcoming with my opinions though maybe threatening to kill him myself was a bit much….hopefully he wasn’t offended, lol)

Anyway, the night was yet young, even after that fight –and there were many more fights throughout the evening. I eventually started to roam around solo –and found quite a few interesting fights that way. I decided to try something besides a Condor at one point, jumping into an Ishkur fit similarly to one we fought with earlier in the day. But, apparently you need boosts, slaves, and pills in order for it to work ‘properly.’ I promptly lost it to a thrasher and jumped back into my Condor. No way am I going to drag around a booster alt, drugs, or stress myself out with a billion isk clone at this stage.

Anyway, I probably got several dozen kills when all was said and done and at least three solo kills, (not including all the pods –or kills I happened to be the only one on during a fleet engagement.) I lost three or four ships myself—especially while wandering around by myself.  I don’t mind though.

Of course, I’d rather win the solo fights –it’s much more fun! But if I die, I usually learn something from it.

And, that’s important too.


  1. So... what approximate Condor fit are you using? I need to do more cheap solo stuff, and that ought to work with my skillset...

    1. Or... I could dig out your character name, look you up on eve-kill, and discover that the answer is 'dual TD'.

    2. Actually, I fly a wide variety of Condors. I've tried with shield buffer, ASB, dual TD, dual dampeners, and a variety of other things as well.

      If I'm camping a gate with other ppl I'll even throw on a sebo, though I'd never fly it that way out and about soloing.

      I haven't really decided on my favorite fit --different ones seem better in different situations. =)

  2. I wish more would take the small risk and go out soloing or with a small group of 2 or 3. It's great fun, it actually takes some piloting skill instead of just warping in and activating 2 or 3 mods. Also, it's easy to find fights...usually only takes me about 15 mins or less to get a fight when I go out by myself and frigs are cheap can be lots of fun with little risk.
    -Dagren Darius

    1. I agree it can be fun. Though, I think there are different challenges in any pvp in EVE, and don't really think one way or the other is better or harder necessarily. I've been in some challenging fleet fights, and I've easily solo killed frigates in my stabber fleet.

      More than anything, I wish people would learn to make their own fun --as solo flying certainly will make you better at. I hate the idea of people sitting around because they dont feel they can pvp without an FC.

    2. Exactly....guess that was more the point I ment to make. You can always do something even if you only have a couple friends on or no one else on. It's good to mix it up. I miss the old fleet fights we used to commonly get back before everyone was worried about isk efficiency or k/d ratio.
      - Dagren Darius