Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Faction War Too Small?

Boredom, as of late, has been my greatest enemy. I admit, that my lack of logging on lately goes beyond being busy and more stressed then usual with work deadlines.

Since Inferno, my militia has reached Tier 5 several times. Sure, it was before spiking was nerfed, but we got there.

At one point, we owned every single system in our warzone excepting one, and the biggest reason we didn’t get Sahtogas was a decided lack of motivation from all involved.

So, what is left for us to do? We can’t grow, because to do so would squelch the one thing that keeps us tied to Faction War –good fights. If we become too overpowering, the Amarr will, quite simply, not fight us.

And, we have already proven to be able to take all that Faction War offers with the numbers we already have, so what would be the point of growing?

We cannot move forward because there’s nothing left to gain.

And, even fight club gets boring when the fights happen over and over with the same people –each battle running together, until it’s no longer that big a deal to get a hundred kills in a day.

Kills and fights may be more abundant in FW, but it also means they are worth less than they used to be.

I miss the hunt—the adrenaline of stalking your prey and the ultimate satisfaction of a hard earned victory.

As opposed to fighting an enemy that has become predictable, and having battles that seem staged.

I miss the grandeur of huge empires taking on other huge empires. Not blob fighting, or lagfests –but the knowledge that what you’re doing contributes toward something bigger.

As opposed to a group that doesn’t even attempt to achieve major goals because there are no major goals worthwhile to be achieved.

I miss feeling tiny in a big universe, and having to save for big things I wanted to own. I miss dreaming about things I would achieve in the future.

Perhaps I am bored because Faction War seems so small. Or perhaps it seems small because I am bored.

I cannot decide.


  1. "I miss the grandeur of huge empires taking on other huge empires. Not blob fighting, or lagfests –but the knowledge that what you’re doing contributes toward something bigger."

    You're starting to sound like an RPer, Susan ;)

  2. When it comes to being boring and predictable I believe your side is much much worse. When Medium plex fights were all the rage all the minmatar did was bring more SFI's. Amarr thought outside the box and brought RR cruisers before they were a thing.

    I'd hate to see you stop playing eve Susan. Give something else a try if you are burnt out on FW.

  3. In EVE, when you're bored... is usually you and not the game.

    Go do something else for a bit :) Fly only reapers, take a holiday in some other (non FW) area of lowsec, go on vacation to 0.0 for a few weeks, invade a random carebear wormhole and drive the locals nuts with paranoia, gank freighters in (Amarr?) hisec, there's a universe of possibilities out there!

  4. Get your fat ass down to Aset and actually contribute something positive.

    1. Aset? is that an important system to someone or something? lol

    2. this just in LNA doesn't give a fuck about anything other than huola and kourm

  5. tl;dr We didn't want those systems anyway.

  6. Maybe if you flew something other than SFIs
    In systems other than Huola/Kourm
    If you're bored in eve it's your own damn fault not the games

    1. "Maybe if you flew something other than SFIs"

      Actually, since the expansion I think everyone in FW has been flying a wide variety of things.

  7. This is unbelievable. When minmatar cant hold or take any systems , susan is there ready to tell how they not even trying. Awesome!

    About your boredom.. FLY SOLO , it's never boring.
    Stop cruising around with fleet that no one want to fight. FW shouldn't be numbers game!!

    1. "When the Minmatar can't hold or take any systems"...

      I guess I should log in and see what's going

    2. Susan said that SHE was bored and not trying, not that the Minmatar weren't. Contrary to popular belief, Susan isn't like in charge of the militia or anything. Just one lady sharing her thoughts.

  8. Leroy HotdogZanzibarDecember 17, 2012 at 5:33 PM

    The sense of self entitlement in this post is astounding...

    1. I guess I should meld Han Jagerblitzen's mind to convince CCP to make the game more to my liking, as it is my right. ;)

    2. You have several inalienable rights, but like the most salient of them to this discussion (the pursuit of happiness) to have something be pursuant does not guarantee it's attainability.

      I do hope you are being facetious in your assertions to date that the Amarr faction somehow "manipulated" Hans to put forth the suggestions that he did at the CSM.


      It is exactly this sense of entitlement, and in this case, the sour turnaround of it, that drains your credibility as a "journalist" in EVE. You have what can only be analogized as a case of "white privilege"... the feeling of equality where there was in fact none, and now that a more balanced warzone has been put forth, you cry distress that things are over.
      It truly does strain credulity to believe that such a Machiavellian plot would ever be put in place (outside of bad spy films that is) yet you seem to truly believe it!?

      This would scarcly concern me were it not for the esteem your view seems to be held in by some portions of the Minnie faction. If you aim to be a internet spaceships "Journalist" then please follow at least the basic tenants of that form.


    3. ...If you aim to be a internet spaceships "Journalist"...

      -facepalm. (See:

      this would scarcely concern me were it not for the so many individuals like yourself completely miss the point of susan's posts, and actually take an article like the one you linked at face value. look deeper.

      those who hold susan black with any esteem understand why she wrote that article, and are able to separate the times she is being serious and the times she is being intentionally ironic. they don't foolishly get outraged because of their own literal interpretation of her statements, nor do they try to brand her as a liar because she uses allegory, analogy, or hyperbole. you hold her to standards that not only has she never claimed to hold herself to, and yet fail to even grasp the point of a blog like susan's.

      susan writes hoping to make people -think- about what is going on around them, the fact that you even have to ask if the article was facetious demonstrates that you don't understand this at all. the ones that hold her in esteem are getting even greater satisfaction out of the fact that in the very same statement you lambasted the ridiculousness of amarrian influence on hans while simultaneously exhibiting the classic paranoia about susan's influence on her own colleagues. i'm positive that she and those that respect her are eating up the delicious hypocrisy you've just exhibited.

      meditate on these things, and perhaps you'll realize why the minmatar are quite satisfied to let the amarr run around and claim "cultural victory", sending forth individuals like yourself to try to engage susan intellectually and failing day after day after day.

  9. The gate additions changed everything. Huola /Kourm /Kam is A front in the war but it no longer is THE front.

    I'm stuck at work but I believe Amarr are up to 28 systems now. Aset is important because some Amarrian diehards based there plex so much that they forced Ursha Khan to relocate to fight them. This in turn weakened Minmatar around the Siseide pocket causing Vard, Lantorn, and Ezzarra to fall in quick succession. Keep focused on Kamela for a while longer though. We like you in Huola.


  10. Okay... this post is ... weird.

    You're loosing me, Susan.

  11. If you're bored it's likely to be personal thing, do anything too long it gets stale. You need to mix it up, try life as a full outlaw for a while. Since retribution we have all the cookies now.

  12. Hi fweddit.
    From silence :).

    Susan come play kingdoms with momo Manos shoog and me.

  13. Susan inferno made fw exciting for a while. Yes the payouts were too large and had to be nerfed. But it involved some big picture strategy. Now plexing is just a constant grind. No big picture strategy just grinding one systems after another. Yeah its boring - unless your new.