Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Year of Sugar

I don’t usually talk a whole lot about the blogs I read, except to comment now and then on something a FW pilot has said. I admit, the list in my Google Reader is a bit long, and I never have time to read everything. But I do have a few favorite blogs I try to keep up with as best I can, and today, one of them turns a year old. So, I thought I would be somewhat remiss if I didn’t say congratulations.

I’ve been reading Low Sec Lifestyle for a few months now, and quite simply, I love it. Sugar Kyle has the knack for saying things on occasion that really get me pondering about a perspective I never considered before, and I find I really relate to some of the things she talks about. I relate so well sometimes, that I feel like I could change the names in some of her pvp stories and republish the post as something that would happen in my own corporation.

One post she wrote, about how her corp made off with 5 billion of another corp’s assets had me literally laughing out loud.

Anyway, if you haven’t discovered her blog yet, I suggest you go take a look.

Congrats on your first year, Sugar. I hope it’s just the beginning.


  1. Thank you. :)

    The wormhole theft was all Vov of Team Liquid and the must take all stuffs assistance was Sard Caid Gunpoint Diplomacy and Titus of Calamitous Intent. I sadly was in bed. I have a habit of calling everyone I like *mine*. Poor things.

  2. Sugar is the Bomb. A such a nice person in RL too!