Monday, September 10, 2012


I've had the idea to create a Faction War news site for a while now.

After Inferno, the Faction War community grew at an amazing pace. The FW blogging sphere --what was once a mere handful of bloggers--has blossomed into a wide variety of blogs from all four corners of the warzone. From the forums to YouTube, Faction War has become a somewhat 'hot topic' even discussed by non Faction War pilots.

I'm happy to introduce -A strictly FW news site and community hub. From recent updates and news, to community links, killboards, and guides, I hope that the site will become a resource for those looking to find information about FW, or to engage and explore within the community.

I've already had many pilots express interest in more deeply participating with the site, through regularly writing, and/or free lance writing. We welcome all ideas and suggestions --from end of battle reports, to ideas for regular columns. There is a submission page on the website itself, or you can send your ideas/suggestions to


  1. This looks fantastic. When I was researching for my Guild Launch article, this was exactly what I found was lacking. There was no one place to point new players to help them get their foot in the door and gain an understanding of FW's idiosyncrasies and complex communities. Now there is. :)

    Legendary effort and I hope it thrives.

  2. This is nicely set up and clean and got it already linked on my blog too. It will be nice to have a strictly FW only news site, though I am curious if you plan on expanding collaboration between Faction and say, Eve News 24 or themittani?

  3. Hey good looking site and some pretty good reading. Hope it does well.