Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Close, but no Cigar

The dust has settled somewhat on what was an eventful weekend in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone. As many people have probably already heard, Nulli Secunda, with a killboard that would make any PVPer cry and only enough systems to reach Tier 4, decided it was time to pack things up and get the hell out of Dodge.

Instead of donning their party hats and breaking out the bubbly, the Amarr spent the cash-out in what can only be labeled as a verbal riot. Amarr militia, and other channels lit up as Amarr threw insults at Nulli for leaving before Tier 5 was achieved.

The flipping started in the morning USTZ, and there wasn’t much the Minmatar could do to prevent Nulli and their capitals from quickly burning through the I-HUBs. After around 14 systems, the process came to a grinding halt. Some say that Nulli went on a tea break for a few hours, and others said that they were under threat of being hot dropped and were waiting for things to quiet down.

Quite late that same night, the rest of the systems fell. It is said that even not sieging on the I-HUBs, they were still able to knock them down in less than a minute each.

Not ones to sit on our thumbs, the Minmatar took the opportunity to go after Kourmonen instead. With the Amarr somewhat distracted, the system was contested upwards of 25-30% with little significant resistance by the Amarr.

The cash-out happened on Sunday, and the Minmatar were ready. Our rather large fleet of combined Late Night, Iron Oxide., and many other Minmatar were given unusual orders that you don’t hear very often –spread out and plex.

With nearly every system being plexed by one or several Minmatar, we were able to slowly grind down the upgrades the Amarr were raising. The first time they hit Warzone Control 4, they held it for around 30 minutes before we grinded it back down to level 3. The Amarr continued to try to push it up again, occasionally reaching it briefly before we plexed it down again.

Apparently, greed is no stranger to the Amarr militia. We noticed that in many systems that were upgraded, the Amarr had dumped as little as possible LP to get the system upgraded to five. This meant that in many cases, we only needed to run a single plex to drop the system an entire upgrade level.

However, plexing the Amarr’s warzone tiers down was not just a defensive strategy of the Minmatar. If cashed out at Tier 5, it is estimated that Sunday’s plexing LP alone will net the Minmatar upwards of 100+ billion ISK. Also, within 24-48 hours of Sunday’s downtime, when all the flipped systems from the previous day officially became the Amarr’s, the Minmatar had already plexed a significant number of the systems into critical contestation levels.

At any rate, though brief, the Amarr’s Tier 4 cash-out was a great victory for them. Many who haven’t been able to cash-out in months were finally able to turn their LP into worthwhile ISK and supplies. Even so, a thinly veiled sense of bitterness seems to hang over the Amarr militia, and only time will tell what the next chapter will hold for this war.


  1. Erm T4 or even T5 if Nulli hadn't been in a hurry to go has nothing to do with victories or any such guff, it's simply how you make money in FW.

    It's currently your turn to plex stuff and once you're done our side will get to plex systemt to vuln again and hopefully this time wait until we've enough to get T5.

    It's a simple rinse and repeat for both sides.

  2. Wow that sure sounds like some exiting PvE you guys have there in facwar.

    1. People just need to separate the money making from the free wardecs you get from being in FW.

      It's only the RP types that get heavily invested in being one side or another otherwise it's just a really easy way to make money and have fun shooting people.

    2. Can you point me to the location in EVE that does have interesting PvE? I want to visit this magical place.

    3. Don't know about interesting as such but I really like exploration

  3. It's great only having to go 3 jumps to offensive plex now. Thank you Nulli.

  4. Ok, a few points:

    1) Most people who I saw raging at Nulli were obvious farmer alts who had joined somewhere between 10-15 days or so before. They felt the most entitled to Tier 5. There were 750 people online during the cashout and if you were in one of the stations where the stores are... alts. And more alts. Very young ones too.

    2) The same alts were quite openly stating that they would be plexing for Minmatar again starting Monday (while abusing Nulli and us Amarr at times).

    3) Most of the plexing done in the last two weeks was neither done by Nulli nor by the usual Amarr crowd. Most of it was the LP farmers. We didn't do it, they did.

    4) It's the same farmers who are now so greedily making Minm. LP. You didn't/won't do it, they will.

    All of this is a no-brainer with the current state of FW. And it is very widely known by now how much income you can pull in FW for very low risk (even AFK/multiboxing).

    The sad thing is: Warzone Control is more and more in the hands of the farmers and the expectation-game of who is going to get T4/T5 > cue the arrival of the farmers, with the exception of hub grinding/fights. No longer is the outcome of the war itself mostly in our hands (as old-time FW players). Which is sad.

    1. At least there is a reason to fight now. I don't care if the LP farmers come, I get most of my LP from getting kills. PVP will always be there if you know how to find/get it. I like that there is more of an incentive to small fleet or solo PVP. I can now make isk to PVP and if the farmers want to come and help me make the most of it, so be it. Also, as the Amarr just found out the LP farmers won't get you to T5 or even solid T4. The PVP'rs have to do their part too for it to work. Dagren Darius

    2. 1) I'm not sure if they were obvious farmers or not. I think the disappointment from stopping early went beyond the farmers to many players who plexed for amarr and felt short changed.

      2) I didn't see that. I know I didn't say I would plex for minmatar. When I gave nulli a rash of sh.. If I intended to plex for minmatar I would have no reason to be upset.

      3) Well I am not sure. It is true that nulli seemed to stop helping and started only farming vulnerable systems like todifraun. I actually made a post about this on my corp forum and encouraged people to start plexing the systems that weren't vulnerable yet. My intent was just so that we could hit tier 5 before nulli watered down the lp by farming todifraun to death.

      I know I was doing allot of plexing. Yes I was doing some of it in an alt in a merlin (its just much easier to plex majors in a pve ships) I also saw a few familiar faces from my corp and others out plexing. Maybe you were not involved in the effort at all. Perhaps that is why you were not upset when we were shortchanged at tier 4.

      4) I think its pretty obvious the minmatar have many more farmers than the amarr. Amarr will never have that stable of farmers if we keep cashing out when we still have 9 sytems to go before tier 5. That said the minmatar regulars might indeed be spread out and plexing in an organized way. I don't claim to know everything.

      As for the rest I agree. It is sad that plexing is most efficiently done by avoiding pvp. Players have been saying this since faction war came out. Hopefully CCP will fix this soon.


  5. I wonder how much the (the actual) Minmatar will love the new facwar system after more of the farmers realize its optimal to cycle through the factions in turn instead of propping up one.

  6. I remember when Faction warfare used to be good.

    ... Oh wait.

  7. I've been waiting for you to publish on the matter, and you do not disappoint.

    Most of the blasters, inciters, and other ill-wishers in milita chat were minmatar alts. Sure, many people would have loved to get t5 out of this (while knowing even that accomplishment would be found to be lacking and worthy of being spoken down on in haughty elitest tones).. but the people like facedown assup (Ninlarra's alt) were the most vocal, insolent and berating of voices to be found. Your side creates the craziness and then reports on it. Seriously, you should move to North Korea, or put down 1984, and learn how to report in somewhat of an unbiased way.

    So far, of the crap posters on the Minmatar side, only poetic hasn't unleashed his slew of pig vomit..

    Realistically, you have to come to terms with something. T4/T5 cashouts now benefit us both, despite which side you're on. There are many Amarr farming alts in the Minmatar militia and there are many Minmatar farming alts in the Amarr militia. How much of the 100+ Billion actually will end up in the hands of Amarr pilots? I know I personally walked away from Sunday with 30+ Billion in ISK, which will keep me losing t1 fitted ships for a >long< time.

    The only differences now are who wins the fleet scraps, how epic they are, and how much fun which side is having at the expense of the other. I'm happy to plex on my Minmatar alt while I sit docked in Kourmonen on my Amarr toon. Are you happy I'm sitting in Kourmonen?


  8. thing is plexing isnt the main source of lp missions and pvp are let the farmers have the plexes we take t5 and all systems they fk off and we can all build big sancastles in our winmatar part of the map

  9. Whoa whoa. I will not sit at my computer and listen to these wild accusations.

    So I'm logging off.

    Written in my own hand,