Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Your Average Weekend

Early Sunday evening, the Minmatar successfully made another push to warzone control 5, upgrading many system I-HUBs well into their buffer zones. The push was the joint effort of many alliances, corporations, and individuals within the militia and was spearheaded by leadership from Late Night and Iron Oxide. The warzone remained at level 5 for several hours.

It was an extremely lucrative time for the push to be made, as in the week leading up to that point, the Minmatar took 10 Amarr systems –the largest number of systems taken in a single week on the Amarr/Minmatar warfront since Inferno went live.

It is estimated that the totally profits on the plexing of these systems alone –in conjunction with the timing of Warzone Control 5—is upwards of 400 billion ISK.

It was not uncommon, in the hours leading up to the push, to see mission running fleets roaming the warzone. Many average pilots went into the warzone control 5 period with a million LP in their pocket –valuing at well over 6 billion ISK. More industrious pilots, or those who have been saving longer and did not cash out when the warzone hit level 4 last weekend, had several million or more LP points saved, netting them 10s of billions of isk in profits.

Certain markets reaching as far as Jita and Amarr took a nosedive as people dumped faction items, implants, and ammunition on the market. Stabber Fleets dropped well below 50 million PU for a time, and buy orders for many implants were completely wiped out in the systems surrounding Rens.

A large numbers of pilots chose to wait, instead stockpiling their items in order to see greater profit when the market restabilized. However, cheap prices on Firetails and Fleet Stabbers will probably be present for some time to come.

No Can Have

Militia pilots were not the only ones to profit. Many pirates and other renegades quickly took notice of the happenings around major militia hubs in highsec and started attempts to suicide gank militia pilots hauling their goods around.

A corpmate of mine, who was traveling with billions of ISK worth of +5% implants quickly noticed when a dramiel scanned him at one of the highsec gates between Rens and Jita. He immediately docked and offloaded his cargo, then continued on his way, only to be suicide ganked by a tornado one jump away. The suicide ganker lost his Tornado and ended up only killing an empty tech 1 frigate. My corpy, of course, had a good laugh with the rest of us.

While we can only speculate at how much total LP was cashed out altogether, the total ISK value of the operation most likely easily valued in the trillions of ISK.


  1. Nice haul, well done

  2. i guess goons once again overstated their importance when they talked up how influential they were in keeping minmatar at t4 and pushing t5 a few times. apparently the minmatar are totally capable of reaching t5 and cashing out saved lp all by themselves! it was smart not to put lp into upgrades while the goons had an interest in doing it themselves. plus the goons blabbed about their haul to loudly that ccp had no choice but to take the isk they made back and take their lp (some of it? most of it? i really don't know) and the minmatar get to keep all their well earned profit.

    is it just me, or did the goons who wrote about their operation to print lp/isk totally misunderstand how fw works? they basically stated that once they stopped upgrading systems with their lp, minmtar would lose systems faster. they apparently didn't realize that system upgrades and system sovereignty capture are not directly related. the goons were not helping hold or take systems at all and once they were out of the milita, the minmtar have gone on to attain an unprecedented number of captured systems. the goons were just piggybacking on the minmtar who were the only milita in fw to own enough systems to reach lv 5 upgrades when inferno launched. so really the minmtar helped the goons (unknowingly) and the goons did very little to help the minmtar.

  3. Nice profit, its good to know that are so many different ways to make ISK and not all of them boring or not fun.

  4. Welcome to the endgame. I hope you guys will enjoy your empty warzone.

  5. at least local will have less empty trash talk and whining in it :P

  6. We will farm fweddit kills Undisturbed aldrith
    How good are we? We just won eve!!

    Also we will allways have targets and can jump bridge to gall space when ever we want.

    Silence ikillyouu

  7. You mean you guys are leaving too?

  8. Congrats to minmatar for making this happen without goons. What goons did was miniscule.

    I cashed in a bit myself from a minmatar mission running alt. I just hope ccp doesnt' change this before amarr ends up hitting tier 5.


  9. What happened last week was good for the Fweddit. Losing so many systems has focused us on what we came to faction warfare to do. There has been lot of back and forth on our boards and the corp commitment to PVP all the time has been reaffirmed.

    While it is nice to have more systems and perhaps the income to fly something bigger than a thrasher, fun fights are the thing that drew most of us to this aspect of the game.

  10. Holy shit. FW seems to be a hell of a lot more profitable than I thought! Can't wait till Nulli joins in on the fun!