Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking Kamela

Last night we formed a frigate/thrasher fleet almost as soon as I logged on. We invited a lot of the new guys, and got a pretty good group together. Fats once again took the reins, having  lots of experience leading frigate roams.

We ended up having a load of fun, and killing quite a lot, including a zealot, some BCs, some faction stuff, and a laundry list of other things. We avoided most of their large gangs, not having the numbers to go up against them. Of course, they taunted us in local about it. And sure, we ganked things out from under their noses. But it made it more fun knowing they had a big fleet nearby.

In all honesty, it’s taken Late Night folks a little bit of an adjustment to get used to the idea that we’re now extremely outnumbered in our time zone. We’re a little too used to just leroying things in without much planning. We have a lot of good pilots among us who will relish the challenge—not to mention the fact that we now have a ridiculous number of things to shoot at, at any given time.

We did end up fighting one of their groups head on in a plex later in the evening. They still outnumbered us a bit, and had a lot more thrasher dps to our inty, frig, dessie mix. But it was still a fun fight, and we ended up killing quite a few of them before being forced off the field.

And, that was only the beginning of the fun for the evening.

Later, Bahamut420 started an AHAC Guardian fleet. We had a sizeable group, and were hoping to be able to take on some of the larger groups the Amarr were producing around that time.

We made the mistake of setting up in their home system of Kamela, and they responded with an AHAC/Guardian fleet of their own with more then twice the numbers, and a considerable amount of ECM. It was somewhat uncanny how fast they responded with the the exact fleet composition needed to counter us. Some think there may have been fishy spy business at work, though others pointed out that we were in their home systems, so they can easily reship into whatever they need.

At any rate, tidi hit the system as their hoard filled our overview. Unfortunately we weren’t completely set up for them, one of our pilots having DCed only a few minutes before and the guardians still trying to get him on watch list and back in formation. He lost his blingy proteus.

The tidi got much, much worse as things progressed finally peeking down at 10%. It took several minutes just to lock anything, and even more time to get modules to activate. Amarr and Minmatar alike, in local, commented on how we ‘broke Kamela.’

We killed a few things, but there was no way we could get dps through their larger logi chain. They had so much DPS on field, they were often able to hit things before our own logistics could respond, and even during times when we were able to react and overheat, we didn’t have enough logis to rep through their numbers.

As the tidi started to lift, we lost one guardian and someone finally called it. We managed to get all but one guardian out, and quite a few of our ahacs. We took rather heavy losses, but everyone agreed it could have been much, much worse.

I think the guys spent two hours afterward discussing how we could set up differently. Most agreed that when dealing with those kinds of numbers, we would need more guardians.

Anyway, it was a fun fight. It was nice to fight something other than thrashers for once.


  1. Why didn't you retreat in the second they undocked a 2x bigger fleet?

  2. In some areas, Gevlon, you get called a 'pansy' or 'blueballer' if you refuse to undock into a fleet four times your size. Some of us like the challenge anyway...