Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Reasons to Join Faction War Post-Inferno

1. Get paid to pvp. This is one of the most unique features about Faction War post-Inferno. No where else in game do you not only get the dropped loot from your target, but also a steady income that will easily sustain your pvp.

Small-gang and solo pvpers will have the best deal, as they will have to share less LP for their kills.
(My corpmate killed his Amarrian alt last night --an impairer with a bunch of blingy stuff in the cargo hold. He made 200k LP. While this is kind of a rediculous scenario, I don't think it will be farfetched to make 50k+ lp on one, modestly blingy solo kill.)

2. Have fun taking sovereignty. A lot of people like to fight for something 'bigger.' Often times, this means arduous, time-consuming, and often quiet null-sec sovereignty taking. In Faction War, not only are you fighting for something 'bigger' that will give you cool bonuses and payouts, but it's fun to do!

  • Sovereignty will be a bloody mess come Inferno, with a lot of heart-pounding, small-gang pvp.
  • Many plexes restrict ship types, allowing you to jump into frigate and/or cruiser engagements without worrying about escalation.

3. Get paid to take sovereignty. Not only will sovereignty-taking get you action and fun pvp, but you'll get paid to do it! Plexing will be the most lucrative action within Faction War, so the payouts could net you even more then pvp. If you get a fight while you're plexing, and still manage to defend/take the plex, not only will you get a payout for the plex, but for your kills as well.

4. Learn How to PVP. I'm not just talking to new players, but also to old players who are sick of flying the same ship their FC always requires, or sick of blindly following their FC around. I lived in null-sec, I know how it is.

Faction War has opportunity of giving you experience in many different scenarios, and many different styles of pvp. From solo frig fights, to battlecruiser brawls, ahac gangs, triage carrier drops, and massive battleships engagements, life will never be dull or predictable.

5. Fight for Something Bigger. I mentioned this above, however it deserves its own bullet point. For years, FW was really just a glorified wardec. That is changing.
Now, all your solo pew, small-gang pew and plexing will pay off toward giving you and your allies bonuses and discounts. Not only will you be experiencing the thrill of some old-fashioned pew, you will also be defending your home and protecting your friends.

6. PVP How You Want to. I've also touched on this in several points, but it also deserves it's own bullet. Faction War is not the home of one pvp style. Even though we are known for small-gang pvp, we also have solo pvp, and larger fleet pvp. The beauty of it is:

  • -You have choices. From small gang plex pvp to larger fleet sovereignty gangs, from loose gangs of ultra small-gang and solo pvpers to ultra organized 50 man fleets, you will have the opportunity to experience many different styles depending on your mood of the day.
  • -You are never stuck. Unlike some places where joining that alliance or living in that region means you will mostly be doing one thing, FW is much more dynamic. If you get sick of one thing, there's always something new you can try.

7. Play EVE with some of the best people in EVE. Whether you have been going it alone for a while, or are sick of being a faceless meat shield to a null-sec alliance, Faction War contains some of the nicest, most experienced people you will meet. From experienced pvpers of various styles, to dedicated pveers, you are sure to find a group that not only has something to offer you, but where you can also be a valued member for your own experience and skills.


  1. +1 -- get this girl a "Recruiter" badge... :-)

  2. Do you have an approximated value on the lost Amarr ship "impairer with a bunch of blingy stuff" versus the value of the LP? I'm sure CCP don't mean to let people farm ISK by blowing up their own alts.

    1. It was my alt that got blown up on the test server and had around a hundred slave omegas in it. If you feel like loosing that much isk worth of stuff to farm LP go ahead.

  3. If there had been a button to join Faction War at the end of this article, I think every reader would have clicked it :D Top stuff!

  4. So this might be the most noob question a noob could ask and show that he is a noob, but how do I join? Are there specific faction warfare zones? If I kill someone who doesn't share my in game racial heritage am I engaging in faction warfare? Do I need to "fly my faction flag"? Sorry to ramble but you've sparked my interest.

  5. @Anonymous above:

    You, in an NPC corp, your corp (or your alliance?) can join faction warfare at a militia office. It doesn't depend on what faction you're "born to", my hisec alt is a Matari and flies mostly Gallente ships for Caldari corps, he could join in on the Caldari side at any point. I guess you need positive standing to the faction in question.

  6. Almost makes me want to leave 0.0 now. Almost.

  7. What are the drawbacks of leaving if you don't like it?

  8. This dev-blog is getting me out of my long-term solo-carebear lifestyle. The fact that PvP will soon not necessarily be a money-losing proposition is just gold!
    I'm training up an alt specifically to get into FW. (I wouldn't want to tank my standings on my main mission-running character, now would I?)

    1. Well, also my main characters are all under wardec right now, so flying my expensive ships is right out.

    2. Just take the plunge man! Go big or go home, as they say. You'll have more fun if you decide to put everything into the experience and don't hold back.

      Besides, if you aren't running the FW missions, the standings loss isn't very large, certainly not insurmountable.

  9. CCP had never given me a reason to try faction warfare in the past...

    But I think these new changes will make it interesting. Getting paid based on performance is very cool.

    If CCP made PVP more profitable it would get a lot more people active and PVPing, which makes the game more fun for everyone.

    I'm definately going to give it a try.