Monday, April 23, 2012

A Hot Drop - Late Night Style

During the early morning hours Sunday morning, it was reported that a perma-flashy carrier was aggressing on a station within five jumps of where we were operating.

A member of Late Night was quick to ask how many dreads we had online and whether it would be possible to hot drop the guy, and kill him before his aggression timer ran out.

With 4-5 dread pilots online, we decided to make a go for it. The plan was pretty straightforward - send a neutral alt in flying a battleship as 'bait,' wait until the carrier aggresses, throw up a cyno (that the neutral alt will have) and obliterate the enemy carrier.

But, nothing is ever straight forward when you fly with Late Night.

While starting to organize the fleet, a random gang of hostiles was reported nearby. All thoughts of the carrier vanished as various Late Night members squirrled toward the hostile gang. Twenty minutes later when hostiles had been eliminated, or had fled the area, someone asked, "are we still going to go after that carrier?"

Galdornae started to organize the fleet once again, throwing a cyno on his alt and leroying toward the carrier's system. As soon as he landed the BS on the station, he saw some action, when a perma-flashy subcap undocked and started shooting at him. He immediately called for the dreads to undock and prepare to jump in.

It didn't take long. The carrier undocked, and launched his fighters, quickly aggressing on Galdornae's battleship.

"Cyno is up!" Galdornae called--the signal for the dreadnaughts to jump to him.

"Oh, crap. I forgot to put my alt in fleet." (Yes, the one with the cyno....)

Meanwhile, I was one jump away in my particularly useful salvaging drake. (It is law in Late Night that at least someone has to bring one to everything, and I usually oblige.) What I didn't realize, was that instead of sitting on the carrier's system gate, I was sitting on another gate in system. So, when the cyno was lit, I jumped into the wrong system and became extremely confused when I was unable to warp to anyone.

"Uh...guys...I can't warp to anyone?!"

"You're in the wrong system, Susan."

I immediately ::facepalmed:: and started to leroy back to the correct system, just as Gald got the cyno worked out and the dreads managed to jump through and siege on the still-aggressed carrier.

As the carrier hit structure, and I entered system beginning to get a little angry at myself for missing out on a cap kill, he docked.

This was met with groans, and "you have to be kiddings" on coms.

"One more volley.." said one of the dread pilots. "One more volley, and he would have been dead."

A minute or two later, Silence IKillYouu, who was dual boxing with two dreads confessed, "uh, guys, I forgot to lock with one of the dreads..."

Like a boss.


  1. Elite PVP Minmatar Militia style.

  2. it's a great game when you have a crappy day and it can't be reloaded with a save game, because it shows you when you do do it right most of the time it's no fluke.