Monday, April 23, 2012

Dual-Rep Enyo Solo PVP Video

SOLO-PVP video by my corpmate, Galdornae.


  1. Wow. That was great. :-D

    <3 Enyos myself, one of my fave AFs. Just too bad they're gonna become hellaciously expensive with you guys getting exclusive rights to key means to T2 production... :-/ Ah well. Great vid though. :-D

  2. Pure pwnage! :)

  3. Decent vid, your module management made me wanna /o\ during that rupture fight.

    Also, you could've been a bit more effective at range control etc etc (you don't want to approach thrashers, they both outtrack and outdps you - load null and hold range).

    Good to see some decent soloing from minmatar/FW in general :)

    (Damn rupture neuts at the end were bleh for turning a GF into u dying) :(


  4. For the record, this video was created by my corpy, Galdornae. He has several other solo-pvp videos if you look at his channel on youtube.

  5. Holy fuck, do any of those guys he fights know about range control or fitting a web?

    Nice vid BTW :)