Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Worth a Chuckle

Some people think most militia members are noobs. Or idiots. Day after day, week after week, we point to parts of our killboard and say, "Look! See, not a noob!" 

When we wander around 0.0, killing everything in our path and losing hardly anything, we point at the battlereports and proclaim, "See! Who you calling noob?"

When a solo member of our group wanders around low-sec or null-sec killing entire gangs of enemies, we point to these occasions and laugh at the skeptics, "You can think what you want. You obviously don't have a clue."

Then, every once in a while a situation comes along where I take a step back and think about how it must look to the outside. How it must look with no knowledge of the kills of the last hour or two, no knowledge of killboards, what's going on on coms, or personal skill. I just see that snapshot at that time and I see a faint glimmer of what others must see....

Earlier today, I wrote a story about a roaming bunch of Minmatar wandering around Providence nullsec. I forgot one important (and hilarious) part of the story that I will now share with you.
During the fleet's time running around we killed a few tech 2 cruisers. Unfortunately, the one pilot who had a salvager fit did not have the skill to salvage the wrecks.

A new member of the fleet who was heading our way, threw on a salvager as he had higher skills and would be able to salvage it.

When he arrived, he warped to one of the wrecks and started salvaging. The Cerberus wreck, in particular, gave him pains. He sat there for the longest time and finally got frustrated.

Another member of our fleet, who had slavaging V but no salvager fit offered to try. So, they ejected out of their ships in space, and the one hopped into the ship with the salvager to try his hand at the wreck.

Meanwhile, others who had salvaging skill started to gather around the wreck in the event they would also need to try their hand at it.

All this time, we were pretty sure that a hostile, cloaky Tengu sat on grid watching us--A strange group of individuals huddled around a single wreck 200k off gate, randomly ejecting from their ships and switching from time to time, with a few just sitting in their pods with empty ships sitting nearby...

No wonder some people think we're daft.


  1. We're not daft, we just have completely ghetto budgets to work with. We gotta scrimp and save and salvage errything we can get our hands on!

    Militia pilots are the embodiment of the MacGuyver school of ship fitting and fleet composition.

  2. Part of that perception probably has to do with the fact there's a lot of new players who first try PvP in FW so yeah there'll be silly fits (I popped an Amarr Hawk with a small extender yesterday for example). All areas (or corps) of PvP with lots of still wet behind the ears pvp rookies get that stigma.
    Tbh, revel in it, if your enemies think you 'suck' they'll work less hard to kill you, suits me just fine :P

    I know from experience that many FW pilots are not to be trifled with lightly, I have a *very* healthy respect for the guys in Teraa Matar etc (also some pilots in LNA and IO. but you rarely see those solo so I don't often have a chance to fight them).

    About nullsec, most null pilots that aren't in specialist PvP alliances are pretty bad in my experience :P

  3. IDK, Susan. Have you ever seen Late Night try and run an incursion? We're pretty fucking noob. (:

    1. Have you ever seen a Late Night try to do a black ops fleet?
      *coughs into her hand*

    2. Oh my.... we are pro at those black ops... let me tell you.