Friday, March 16, 2012

Shootin Blues

Color blind, pirate mind
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do
when they've been set blue?

But they red, so he said
They red,
so they dead.

Color blind, pirate mind,
Why u make a fuss?
Why u make a fuss
when there's reds next door to us?

There really aint a lot
so I gonna stir the pot.

Color blind, pirate mind,
Whatcha gonna say?
Whatcha gonna say
when they want to make you pay?

I won't pay, come what may.
I won't pay
so go away.

Color blind, pirate mind,
Why you be so bad?
Why you be so bad
cause Bahamut's supa mad.

What a pain, what a pain.
It was just a stupid cane.

Color blind, pirate mind,
When you gonna care?
When you gonna care
when our backup's gettin rare?

I don't care. We don't need.
We don't grovel, We won't bleed.
I'm better off solo
and I don't regret the deed.

Color blind, pirate mind,
What should we do?
What should we do
when they think we're all like you?

Add a ticker to my name
And I'll be the very same.
If they think we're all alike,
well, for that I'm not to blame.

Color blind, pirate mind,
Who we gonna call?
Who we gonna call
when we aint got friends at t'all?