Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hans Jagerblitzen Wins Seat on CSM 7

The final list of the winners were as follows:

The Mittani
Two Step
Elise R
Greene Lee
Trebor D
Kelduum R
Hans Jagerblitzen
Issler Dainze
Alekseyev K
Darius III


  1. Does this mean he has a full seat or is he an alt?

  2. It was just explained to me. He won an alternate seat, not in the top 7.

    1. There are no alternates any longer. There are only 14 delegates, the new system of skype and forums means a CSM's "power" is the sum total of their participation in the process. If a delegate has something to say, they have influence, if we sit around and don't discuss and don't post, we don't. The "voting" on proposals and such is a thing of the past.

      It was actually candidates like Two Step that proved the irrelevancy of the "alternate" status and led to CCP abolishing the two titles and just running with 14 CSM members of equal status.

      The Iceland trips these days are now more of a formality, it appears that most of the work and communication has usually been done by the time the 7 get there anyways.