Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silence is Golden

After taking a short, refreshing break to play Hello Kitty Online, bake cookies, and do other pleasantly domestic things, I finally logged onto EVE Online. Mostly, I was curious if FW had changed at all, concerned my training had abrubtly stopped, and mildly surprised my accounts hadn't run out yet.

Needless to say that FW did not miraculously get more interesting over night, and my boring, long-ass skill (which probably got me +2% of something if I fly something or other a specific way) had indeed finished.
But I was in an alliance again for the first time in many months, and had 18 mails to deal with. I think I've gotten 5 altogether since joining this corporaion--ahh the blessed benefits of having an alliance.

Even though i haven't particularly played much, I have been keeping up with various blogs and forum posts--keeping my eye on various people officially declaring their candidacy for slavery of the mind the CSM, and wondering if anyone can actually say what the mean anymore without using 50 pages of mind-numbing text.

The first CSM candidate to tell me what he wants to do in 10 sentences or less (hell, they don't even need to be complete sentences...short bullet points would be fine) would be a million times closer to having my vote as they'd probably be the only one I knew anything about. (I'm a video gamer -- my attention span is this || big, so I haven't read much of the others' ramblings)

Anyway, I better stop ignoring my fleet, and alt-tab back to play EVE. SOMETHING is happening...I think....maybe....

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