Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Next Best Thing

Fail Intel

The Amarr put a whole new meaning to the phrase 'scared of your own shadow' last night. A group of Minmatar noticed them rallying up around Kourmonen, and decided to see if they were willing to play. A gang of Amarr around during USTZ has been a rare site.

As we were warping to the gate we knew they were at, (we were a little outnumbered at that point, and were quite sure we were about to get slaughtered) a comment was made in local by Soulless Brutor for us to "put away the bs." Some other Amarr chimed in, complaining that we had brought a battleship when they only had battlecruisers. Joni Harier said in local, "they are minmatar, so its obvious."

One of our fleet members asked, confused, in coms who had the battleship. No one seemed to be in one in our fleet, though it was possible a Minmatar not in our fleet was buzzing around in one. (If battleships could be said to 'buzz.')

"There is an Amarr Armageddon running through travel fit." one of our fleet members chimed in. "We just chased him a little a minute ago."

"Wait." our fc, Galdornae, stopped us. "So, the Amarr are freaking out about one battleship on scan and it's their own?"

We all chuckled, but our amusement turned to annoyance as the larger Amarr fleet ran from us at the gate.
"I don't even feel like fighting them anymore." one of our fleet members chimed in. "This is stupid."

Several other fleet members agreed including myself. Our earlier eagerness for getting a good fight was gone, and we were suddenly out for blood.

Fight Club

Galdornae found the fleet once more on his alt, and convinced us to try again.

"I'm bringing a scimitar, just to be an ass." one member of our fleet announced. We all chuckled.

"Someone should bring a bs or two, just to piss them off."

We ended up engaging them in Lamaa. We jumped into them, giving them the full advantage of being set up on the other side. We now outnumbered them by a few, and had the scimitar for logistics. We didn't particularly care much. Again, we were out for blood this time.

Galdornae called primary. "Primary is Soulless Brutor" He was at 0, in a glass cannon tier 3 bc, so it was an obvious primary. "How much you want to bet he won't even engage, but will just jump?" The fc's words rang true as Soulless escaped quickly through the gate. The brutix was second primary, another obvious choice.
As we slowly killed them off, Galdornae brought his alt in an Armageddon. "If they want an armageddon, I'll bring one." he said cheerfully.

We lost two ships, killing most of their gang, except Soulless Brutor who had come back to fight, but escaped in low structure.

A few 'gfs' went up in local from both sides before the Amarr whining began about how many they had vs how many we had. I guess it's too bad they ran earlier when they had the upper hand earlier in the evening.

"We're in station, and we are now gloating about our awesomeness"

After a few minutes of smack talk in local, Sneaky Noob chimed up. "Woah, their glorious leader is convoing me. This should be good."

"You mean Soulless Brutor?"


He emailed us the short conversation, which went as follows:
Sneaky Noob > wat
Soulless Brutor > btw stop priming me
Soulless Brutor > ffs not even fc
Soulless Brutor > >.>
Sneaky Noob > dude
Sneaky Noob > talos
Sneaky Noob > dps and no tank
Soulless Brutor > so
Sneaky Noob > so kill it first?
Sneaky Noob > kinda same though when we shot the brutix?
Soulless Brutor > so not
Sneaky Noob > oh ok
Sneaky Noob > my bad
Soulless Brutor > btw keep ur same fleet
Soulless Brutor > we r reshipping
Soulless Brutor > even numbers
Soulless Brutor > and comp
Sneaky Noob > uhm no
Soulless Brutor > feel free to bring the logi
Soulless Brutor > um yes
Sneaky Noob > Ryven Krennel > commencing blueballs in 3...2...1
Soulless Brutor > thats him not fleet
Sneaky Noob > we're in station and are now gloating about out awesomeness

"Riiiight." our FC commented. "So they want us to keep the same fleet composition we had, so that they can come up with the exact perfect thing to counter it."

"LOL, knowing Pred, (Soulles Brutor) they'll bring four guardians." someone else piped up. Our bloodlust had been satiated for th emoment and we were somewhat slow on jumping into round 2 with them, especially with the demands that they made. (Plus we were busy gloating.)

Needless to say, we didn't meet their demands, though the thought did cross some of our minds to reship to BSes and drop capitals on them. It would have been the proverbial cherry on the cake of messing with them, though it would have required motivation that most of us did not particularly feel at that moment.

Then I went to bed.


  1. I can't believe that such sissies exist...

  2. Ah, so this is the fight I narrowly missed because I had to put kiddies to bed? Darn...