Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fox and the Hound

Our FC last night, SigmaPi, got wind of a particularly juicy looking neutral tech 3 cruiser and decided to give chase with the fleet. He didn't tell us what we were chasing until we were a significant number of jumps away from our usual warzone. 

We rarely leave our militia warzone, and many of the people in our fleet have objected in the past to shooting neutrals. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as to how much they've been corrupted over the last few months. Like a band of thirsty, baying blood hounds, we leroyed through to Caldari space at breakneck speeds, and I didn't really care what we were chasing -- it was exhilarating.

There were no bubbles. We weren't worried about hostile gangs or traps. We didn't really care. 

We chased him seventeen jumps -- an unheard of chase for Late Night, whu usually tends to roam around the same 5-6 systems. We frequently thought he'd run to a station, or tun into highsec, where we could not follow.
He was always at our finger tips--just leaving system, just on the next gate. He knew we were in hot pursuit and he kept running.

Perhaps he was an explorer, his hull and cargo full of riches. Perhaps he was a pvper and was leading us into his own gang--far into his territory. Perhaps he was terrified and didn't know what to do, so kept running as fast as he could. Perhaps he was actually oblivious to us and would make a mistake and get caught.

Needless to say, the drool ran thick.

Sixteen jumps out, he made an unexpected move -- making a beeline for the null-sec gate instead of continuing into highsec. Those at the lead of the pack followed in full pursuit, fully realizing that the other side could hold anything -- bubbles, gangs, titans. Who knows, in null-sec?

Instead, we were met with an even greater surprise. Our fox had sprouted wings and flown away, laughing down at our furry mass of eager, snapping jaws.

He cloaked, and we groaned that we had been pursuing a cloaky tech 3 all this time. A cloaky tech 3 who for his own amusement had refrained from cloaking this entire time, always making us think we were about to have the advantage on him. 

All along laughing at us.

Excellently played troll, sir.


  1. Well played indeed. Nicely written!

  2. lol No shit, that's pretty bad ass. :-D Sucks that you guys got blueballed but at least it wasn't a tarp. Or would you have preferred the tarp? If so, then I'm sorry he didn't tank your scouts long enough for everyone get get in and aggress, then hit a cyno. ;-) lol yay Titan bridges!

    Honestly I can see why you guys went flashy red. I pulled my FW alt out of FW simply because what few fights I could have found wouldn't have been "fights" at all (more like me lambing it up to the slaughter -- and I get enough of that in null now)... I can see why you guys went "privateer" status.

    So, I'm guessing from the apparent dead silence on the subject that "alliances in FW" has proved a non-issue after all?

  3. Heh, this is exactly why i've made it a point to learn what subsystems look like. With how many cloaky T3's there are flying about, its definitely something worth learning.

    With that being said, I find it funny that members of your group have gone from feeling reluctant to wanting to shoot anything. I feel like this is a common path for most EVE players, where they start the game with certain codes and principles that they slowly abandon as they realize they're just limiting the things they can shoot at, in a game that can be difficult to find targets at times.